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Popular Guy: Sloane Siegel


Apr 2, 2020

Say hello to our new friend and Popular Guy – Sloane (Morgan) Siegel!  Insanely charismatic, funny, and full of life – and that’s just when talking about his insane shoe collection – Sloane is definitely one of a kind!

Keep reading this feature to learn more about Sloane’s role in Dwight in Shining Armor, what his dream role is, and how he ended up with a pair of velvet Stan Smith Adidas? 


1. Tell us about your show Dwight in Shining Armor and your role as Dwight?


Dwight is a pretty normal, modern day, student teen, that literally falls into a medieval world. He’s a total outsider to everything magical and old timey. Throughout the series you see him pave his own way as Gretta’s champion by being a diplomatic, progressive guy. He’s attacked by monsters, poked at by swords and kidnapped by Orcs, all while he has a smile on his face and compassion in his heart. 


2. How are you like Dwight?


We are definitely both lovers and in no way fighters. We can’t even hurt a fly. We approach every situation trying to find a peaceful resolve where everybody can win. 


3. What are you listening to right now?


At this very moment of writing the answers to this Q&A, I’m listening to “Split” by Ric Wilson. But lately I’ve been bumping Anderson .Paak, Grouplove, Abhi the Nomad, Roy Blair, Summer Salt, Vampire Weekend, Teyana Taylor, Emily Burns, of course Ric Wilson, and so much more.


4. An embarrassing moment?


I tend to make loud entrances and while we were filming the new season of “Dwight in Shining Armor,” we were working on-stage. I stepped out for a minute and then went back in. I didn’t see that the red light was on and that they were filming. I saw some goats that I knew pretty well and I went “HEY GUYS, HOW’S IT GOATIN.” In the middle of a very somber and important scene and then everybody glared at me not only for my bad pun but for ruining the whole take. About 100 people most of which couldn’t even see it was me went “Sloooooooaaaaaaane.” All at once and I have never lived that down. And yes I said goats, you’ll have to wait and see ;) 


5. Your proudest moment?


I think my 18th birthday I was pretty proud because I survived to adulthood. Everybody has trials and tribulations throughout their lives and I’ve had a good amount of challenges. And there was something about the day I turned 18 that I had this profound sense of pride that I had passed the first level of life. I got to dance in some beautiful pouring rain on a beach in Kauai and think to myself. “Wow, I’ve made it this far… what’s next?”  


6. What is your dream?


Well that’s a tough question, I have a lot of dreams. I have one almost every night when I go to sleep, I have dreams for humanity, I have dreams for myself, I day dream constantly. I had this dream the other night that I was dreaming, so I had a dream about having a dream, but is that now my dream or my dream’s dream?

Anyway, my personal dream is to be working on a Star Trek show and in between do some fun thrillers that make you question existence. I like fantasy and thought provoking things. I’d love to be a part of something that is discussed and talked about for years and that brings joy and a sense of wonder into people’s lives.


7. How did you end up with velvet Adidas? 


My friend Evan is a Shoe-ru (Shoe guru) and he’s been trying to convince me to get a pair of Stan Smiths for like a year. I finally was about to get a normal pair when we saw the velvet ones online, but we had no idea they were velvet, we thought they were just light brown shoes. We were wrong… and now I wear them proudly because I guess well, I can. 


8. What do you think is the coolest thing you’ve gotten to do so far?


The coolest thing I’ve gotten to do so far I actually can’t talk about yet, but I’ve gotten to do so many amazingly cool things with my career. I’ve gotten to travel places and see things and learn about cultures and meet people, and I just love life man. I think one of the coolest things I’ve gotten to do so far though is hike the arches national park in Moab, Utah. I rappelled 200 ft under an arch, and we climbed and hiked up to 6,575 ft elevation. We made it all the way up to a place called “Devil’s peak.” I felt like I could see the whole world, not even mentioning how cool I felt surviving the trip. And as far as work goes on Dwight we had a huge tavern brawl with about 30 or so stunt people. It was incredible being thrown into a half improvised, half choreographed fight. There were vegetables being thrown, punches being taken, and even an actor stuck on a spinning wheel. It was fun chaos that we got to do over and over with a really great group of actors and crew.


9. If you weren’t acting, what would you be doing right now?


I would definitely end up as a writer. I love creating stories and characters and building worlds. 


10. Do you have a party trick?


I usually just go for the party treat.


11. What is your most fan asked question?


The most frequent question is probably: “Do you have any hidden talents?” I always have such a hard time answering that question. Like, I’ve answered that question so many times all of my hidden talents aren’t hidden anymore. But, I guess it would be kinda rude if someone asked me, “Do you have ANY talents.” And then I’d say something like, “Well, I sure hope so.” 


12. What is something you wish more people asked you about?


I wish more people asked me about my love for comic book lore. I got oodles of knowledge just kicking around in my brain and I’d love to share it and talk about it more.


13. What does popular mean to you? 


To me, it’s being well-liked and well known amongst a majority of people. Being a present thought in many people’s minds and being talked about (Hopefully in a positive light).


14. Can you tell us about an upcoming project?


“Dwight in Shining Armor” already has season 4 filmed and ready for release, so long after season 3 there is more to look forward to. I also just completed a Horror film that will release later this year in theaters. Can’t say a whole lot about that yet but it’s pretty fun and freaky. Follow me on Instagram @sloanesiegel for a glimpse of my upcoming projects!