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Sep 11, 2020

Annie LeBlanc is not only a well-known actress but also a singer and influencer at just 15 years old. Her brand new tv show, “Side Hustles,” will premiere on Nickelodeon and feature LeBlanc herself as well as her best friend Jayden. The comedy will explore different types of jobs and “side hustles” the best friends will have to endure in order to pay off a debt. This, of course, follows her popular roles as Rhyme and Jo on BratTV


LeBlanc has built up a dedicated fanbase and support system across social media platforms and through the continuous viewership of the shows, she is featured in. And at a young age, this is seemingly just the beginning when it comes to her acting career and future as an influencer. With over 16 million fans on TikTok and nearly 9 million followers on Instagram alone, people from all over the world have already gravitated towards her positive energy and dynamic personality. 


Many will also recognize Annie LeBlanc from her family’s popular Youtube channel also known as “Bratayley.” Her talent in several different aspects of the entertainment industry has been followed and supported by countless subscribers and followers ever since she was four years old. In an exclusive interview with PopularTV, Annie LeBlanc opens up about her upcoming tv-show, music, and social media.


1. You play a number of characters throughout BratTV from Rhyme to Jo. What can you tell us about these characters, and which do you most relate to?

Rhyme is the typical teenage girl next door, she is growing up experiencing life as most of us do. You know, boys, drama, etc. While Jo is a strong-willed girl who pushes against what most people would consider a normal role for a teenage girl in the 1960s, I think I’m somewhere in between these two characters.


2. Brat is definitely all about Gen Z. Being in the generation, what are some misconceptions you often hear about your generation? 

Society thinks of us as lazy and unmotivated. Of course, I think the opposite. I think Gen-Z has motivation and drive that differs from a lot of our elders. I believe that our generation will impact the world just as much, or more, than previous generations.


3. Aside from acting, you also sing! Was singing always an art you wanted to test out?

Singing was something I always loved to do. Surprisingly, I never would have thought that I would pursue it as I did. I remember being at one of Hayley’s (my little sister) school talent shows and thinking “wow, I could never sing on a stage with all these people watching”.  Sure enough, I found myself doing just that and absolutely loving it.


4. Also a big congrats to your new show Side Hustle on Nickelodeon with your best friend Jayden! What kind of competitions can we expect to see from the show? 

Thank you!  Jayden and I are really excited for our fans to see the show.  It involves a lot of funny and crazy jobs and “Side Hustles” that Jayden and I have to perform to make money to pay off a debt.


5. What were you doing prior to this interview?

I actually just finished a cover photoshoot which was really exciting.  I’m excited for my fans to see that too!


6. How much of an influence is social media on your day-to-day life and how do you use it?

Social media is a large influence on my day-to-day life, as I am attempting to post more for my fans.  I have never viewed social media as a job or something I have to do, as it’s more for the fun and the relationship I can make with my supporters.


7. What is your dream role (real or imagined)?

My dream role is to be in an action-movie as a crime fighter or superhero.


8. You practiced gymnastics up until 2017. Do you think that’s something you’ll ever revisit?

No, but I do it in the backyard from time to time for fun!


9. If you could instantly learn one talent what would it be?

Pro skateboarder or pro surfer.


10. What do you recall from your first acting credit?

I remember being really overwhelmed initially, as it was my first time ever on a set where I had to learn lines and play a fictional character.  However, the cast and crew were so welcoming and made me feel much more comfortable getting used to filming.  At the end of the day, it was a lot of fun.


11. What is the last text that you sent?

I told Jayden, “I’ll meet you at 1 today!”


12. What is the hardest acting scene you have done so far in your career and why?

Brat tends to put my love interest scenes on the first day of shooting, so sometimes I haven’t been able to get close to my co-star and it’s a little more difficult/awkward attempting to build immediate chemistry.


13. What does popular mean to you?

“Popular” can be seen in different ways.  Some people view popularity in a “Mean Girls” type of spirit, whereas the type of people who should be “popular” are those that inspire others and attempt to bring positivity to the world.


14. Do you have any future plans or upcoming projects you can tell us about?

I’m hoping to start shooting “Side Hustle” in the second week of September and I’m hopefully going to London for the first time for Claire’s promotion later this year.


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You can listen to her single “Utopia” HERE



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