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Popular Tween: Ava Kolker


Jun 13, 2020

Eventually’ we knew we’d have to sit down and interview Popular Tween, Ava Kolker.


From growing up as Ava Morgenstern on the ‘Boy Meets World’ spinoff ‘Girl Meets World’ to portraying Olive on ‘Sydney to the Max’, Ava Kolker can now add another check off her resume as a professional singer. Not only does she kill it on screen as the loyal best friend to Sydney on the Disney Channel series ‘Sydney to the Max’, but she’s started to make some waves of her own and already has two singles released.


Keep reading to learn more about her role as ‘Olive’, her favorite moment on set, and that turtle named Myrtle.


1. Tell us about your character “Olive” in the Disney series Sydney To The Max.

Olive is a fun, kind of nerdy teenage girl who is super loyal to her best friend Sydney! She has 4 brothers, so she tends to spend a lot of time at Sydney’s house. She really loves math, safety, and llamas, especially llamas.


2. Tell us what we can expect in the second season of the series

Season 2 has so many amazing, beautiful, funny, emotional stories.  We also introduce new family members, old friends, and I cannot wait for you all to see what we’ve created.


3. How are you and your character similar? And how are you different?

Olive and I are similar in that we both try to be very loyal to our friends, and honest and ourselves, but Olive is interested in things like emergency preparedness and math, which are not always natural to me, lol.


4. What is your favorite part of going on set and being with your co-stars?

I have to say I love being on set so much. When you are with the same small group of people every day, they become like family and you get to know them so well. We play together at lunch, we love making TikToks, we play, we dance, we sing, we laugh. It’s so much fun.


5. What was your most memorable moment while filming? 

There was a party episode and after every scene we would rehearse, our director would blast music and we would all break into dance and sing at the top of our lungs. It was my favorite episode to film.


6. We heard you are a Cali native, but other than California which is another place you wished you were living? 

I would love to live in New York. I just went there for a week and absolutely fell in love with it. I hope I get the opportunity to live there for at least a year in the future.


7. We know you are big into music and write your own songs. If you can perform at any music festival, which one would you perform at and why? What song(s) would you perform? 

I would love to perform at Coachella, because it’s super hype and fun and it seems like such an amazing energetic vibe. I would perform my 2 songs “The Good Ones” and “Eventually.”


8. If you could pick any other career other than acting, what would it be and why? 

I would be a singer, because I love connecting to an audience, and sharing my feelings thru music, so that’s my other love.


9. Best concert you’ve ever been to? 

Sabrina Carpenter, definitely.


10. If you could plan out your perfect day, what would you be doing? 

I would go to the beach and then having dinner on the beach while watching the sunset with my family.


11. What are you must have items you have in your purse or backpack?

I need my phone, my retainer case, a Chapstick, lip gloss, a scrunchy and gum.


12. What’s your most embarrassing moment? 

My most embarrassing moment was my first live audience on Girl Meets World. I blanked and couldn’t remember my song, it’s like my head was completely empty and I burst into tears, but everyone was so nurturing, I gave it another shot and kept going.  In  the moment, I was truly terrified and so embarrassed.


13. What is your proudest moment?

My proudest moment is the day I found out I was chosen for the role of Olive in Sydney to the Max. I was so excited and so proud and so joyful; it was one of my best days ever.


14. Tell us one thing your fans don’t know about you.   

My fans might not know that I have a turtle named Myrtle.


15. Do you have any other upcoming projects or music you are working on now? 

I am working on some new music and will start working on season 3 as soon as production resume amidst the coronavirus crisis.


You can keep up with Ava @avakolker on Instagram, @realavakolker on Twitter, and @avakolker on TikTok and check out her new releases right here:





  • Photography Credit Mayhem Entertainment PR