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Popular Tween: Izabela Rose


Jul 31, 2020

Based on the best-selling book series, Izabela Rose stars as Nory in the new DCOM ‘Upside-Down Magic’. The movie follows two best friends enrolled in this decade’s Sky High, but for kids with magical abilities! As her friend is assigned to Honors Flare, Nory finds herself with the mysterious U-D-M.

The young actress is definitely one to watch as before she was starring on Disney, Izabela was personally selected for her role in AppleTv+’s Amazing Stories by none other than Steven Spielberg! The actress, dancer, and *cough* expert slime maker (!) chatted with us about her favorite moment from set, her pageant days, and which charities she’s most passionate about!


1. What can you tell us about Upside Down Magic and your character Nory?

Upside-Down Magic is a Disney Channel Original Movie where my character, Nory Boxwood Horace, discovers she can flux into animals and her best friend, Reina Carvajal (played by Siena Agudong), can manipulate flames. Together, they enter the Sage Academy for Magical Studies. Nory’s wonky magic, which allows her to turn into a “Dritten” – a half-kitten, half-dragon – lands her in a class for those with Upside-Down Magic (known as UDM). Reina’s expert ability lands her at the top of her class of “Flares.” Headmaster Knightslinger at Sage Academy believes the UDM’s unusual magic leaves them vulnerable. Nory and her fellow UDM classmates set out to prove that Upside-Down Magic beats right side up!


2. How are you similar / different from your character?

Nory is similar to me in so many ways! We are both positive, determined, unique, and we are not afraid to be different. For example, in Upside-Down Magic when Nory is rejected by Sage Academy and placed in the UDMs because her magic is wonky, she never gives up and tries to prove to Sage Academy that she can be an official fluxer. I am similar in real life as an actress because I have gone to so many auditions, and I never gave up on my dreams. I have received a lot of no’s – but I was determined to keep going and prove to everyone that I can be cast in a big project just like Upside-Down Magic!

When I first saw Nory’s wardrobe, I thought it was so different from mine in many ways! Nory has a unique style, including signature purple boots, mixed-matched socks, and headband! But once I tried on her clothes for the first time – I felt it was similar to me! I actually still have some of her wardrobe and wear it all the time!


3. If you had magic, what would you use it for?

I wish I could heal the world with the snap of my fingers (or have my room magically cleaned in an instance)! LOL! 


4. What has been a favorite moment for you on set?

Siena and I were filming late, and we were getting deliriously tired. We started laughing at everything that night! Even if no one said a single word! We found everything funny! Our Moms thought we were losing our minds.


5. When you did pageants, what was your talent?

My talent was dance in the Glitz pageants, but I was also judged on my overall performance, poise, personality and flair in front of the audience. For my OOC (Outfit of Choice) my Mommy and I would try to go as big as possible with my dresses. Our motto was “Go big or go home!” We went over the top with the fashion style, so it also showed off my dance moves at the same time. We were very creative with these outfits. This led me to getting really into fashion.


6. Dream role?

It would be a dream of mine to play Josephine Baker in a bio pic.


7. Go to song/artist?

Beyonce: “Mood 4 Eva” 


8. Favorite TV show and movie? 

TV Show: I Love Lucy

Movie: Tinker Bell


9. From your hosting of “This Just In” for Infinity War, you could totally be a host! Is that something you’ve thought about doing?

Thank you so much! And yes! Hosting Radio Disney or the Teen Choice Awards would be a dream job for me! I would totally love to be a host one day!


10. What is your perfect day?

My perfect day would actually involve me traveling back in time, so I could take my entire family to the filming of I LOVE LUCY. I would be a Guest Star in an episode, and then I would get to hang out with Lucille Ball after filming! When it comes to old Hollywood stars – I respect them so much, so this would be my perfect day!


11. Who is a fictional character you’d like to meet?

Princess Tiana


12. What do you wish you got asked about more?

I wish people would ask me about which charities I am passionate about more often. One that is close to my heart is the Atlanta Mission because I want to help end homelessness. You can find out more info here: Some other charities I love are March of Dimes ( and American Red Cross (


13. Can you tell us a secret?

I am an expert slime maker!


14. What does Popular mean to you?

“Popular” means self-acceptance, accepting others and being kind to one another to me.


15. Can you tell us about any upcoming projects?

I have some really exciting projects lined up, but I cannot say anything just yet! To stay up to date with everything happening in my career – make sure to follow me on all my social media platforms: @iamizabelarose.