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Jul 14, 2020


Like most kids her age, Mallory James Mahoney goes to school, enjoys reading, listening to music, spending time with her family, friends, and two dogs, oh yeah, and she’s on a hit Disney Channel show that just got renewed for a fifth season. Kid stuff, ya know.

Playing Destiny Baker and attending Camp Kikiwaka on Disney’s Bunk’d’ is not an easy feat for anyone, but this isn’t her first rodeo. The Texas native actually became interested in acting at the age of 4 and landed her very first audition for a Chuck E. Cheese commercial! She can also be recognized on other Disney projects such as the DCOM ‘Adventures in Babysitting’ as well as short films like Dig, which was an official YouTube selection at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival and starred in the 2016 Lifetime holiday movie, Heaven Sent.

After the lights go out at Kikiwaka, she’s probably up doing homework to maintain her straight A’s for if she’s back home in Texas, finding time to volunteer with Neuro Fitness Foundation and is also a Junior Ambassador for Freshwater Project International, but today, she took the time out to talk with us at PopularTV on her most recent roles, a fan girl moments, and everything she’s currently watching!


1. We are four seasons into Bunk’d right now! What can you tell us about the latest season and your character?

I play Destiny Baker a competitive and over the top pageant queen. In season four Destiny decides to take a break from pageants and instead focuses her time on helping the environment, by doing things like cleaning up the town lake, and hosting fundraisers to help our earth.


2. How are you similar / different from your character?

There are actually lots of similarities between Destiny and I although she is just much more intense than I am in all aspects. For example, we are both very girly and have kind of similar fashion senses. We also are very interested in helping the environment and have a bit of a dark side.


3. What was it like playing Ainsley Riches on ‘On My Block’? 

I had a absolutely amazing time playing Ainsley, because she is so extremely different from who I really am and is also so different from my character on “Bunk’d.” That’s why I love being an actress, I get to play all types of different, crazy, and fun characters.


4. How did that role come up?

I was so fortunate to have worked with the amazing creator of “On My Block” and I’ve remained close with her throughout the years. She created the role specifically for me and asked me to be part of the show and I was totally thrilled.


5. What has been a favorite moment for you on set?

Some of my favorite memories from set is whenever I have a birthday while we are filming. They bring out a cake and all of the cast and crew sing happy birthday. It is so cool because the entire production pauses to sing me a song and watch me blow out my candles.


6. Fan girl moment?

When I met Madelaine Petsch from “Riverdale”


7. Dream role? 

I think it would be awesome to play two different characters on a show or film. It would be especially cool if one of the two people had a different accent like parent trap. I would also love to be in a thriller or horror movie.


8. Favorite movie? 

I love all types of movies. I love romantic comedies like “The Proposal” and “Legally Blonde.”

I loved “Lost City of Z” and “Just Mercy.” They both were so fantastic and underrated. 

My most recent fav film is “The Gentlemen.” It’s so witty, and fast paced with so many moving parts. I love that type of humor. 


9. Go to song/artist?

My favorite band is Imagine Dragons. But I also like all different types of music as well. From things like Bob Marley to Green Day, to Paramore, to Queen.


10. Favorite TV show? 

I guess you could say my TV shows taste are eclectic too.

My top two all time favs are “Gilmore Girls” and “Friends.” I also have current favorite shows that are consistently changing like right now I really love “Legacies,” “Greys Anatomy,” and “Bull.” 


11. What do you wish you got asked about more?

My dogs: Bark Wahlberg, & Botticelli


12. Can you tell us a secret?

There is an extra special event happening on “Bunk’d” this summer. Be sure to keep watching so that you don’t miss it.


13. What does Popular mean to you?

I think that popular is things that are on trend, in style, or just something that almost everyone knows about.  Truly, whatever is important to you!


14. Can you tell us about any upcoming projects?

I do have a few things but unfortunately I am unable to talk about them. However, one thing that I can confirm if we will definitely be having a season five of Bunk’d. In fact, we should be starting up the production of it when quarantine is over. I cannot wait!


Not only can you check out this insanely talented girl on Bunk’d and On My Block, but you can also follow her on Instagram @MalloryJamesMahoney!


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