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Rockin’ New Year with Hanna Beth


Nov 1, 2015

We caught up with POPULAR ambassador, Hanna Beth, to celebrate the year past and the awesome things to come in 2016.
What are some of your New Years resolutions for 2016?
My resolution is to not let myself get stressed out by small things, take care of myself and always be happy.
What was the highlight of 2015 for you?
The highlight of 2015 for me was winning house of DVF, my first date with my boyfriend and moving into our new home.
What do you enjoy most about the beginning of the new year?
The thing I love most the new year is starting fresh and making the new year even better than the last.
What style or look do you think will be huge in 2016?
I think jumpsuits will always be big! I also think bell bottoms are coming back. Seventies hippie kinda vibe. Plus glitter. I always love lots & lots of glitter. ;)
What advice would you give on making New Years resolutions and how to reach them?
Don’t make any big resolutions that aren’t easy to accomplish. Just start the year with being healthy and happy. Take everything with a positive attitude.
Any big plans or trips in 2016 that you’re looking forward to?
2016 is going to be a very exciting year. I start my job with DVF and will be traveling a lot to NYC for work. I am also releasing my first book Covered In Glitter. It’s on pre-sale now but will officially launch in January 2016.
Give us 5 words you would use to describe your 2015.
Love, adventurous, glitter, happiness and exciting.


  • Styling: Brando. Hair: Emily Wentzel. Makeup: Jenny Gomez.