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Miami’s Artistic Visionaries: Meet Alexander Mijares, a SCENE by Jonathan Stinson.


Mar 2, 2020

Jonathan Stinson is a Miami-based writer covering lifestyle categories from culinary, entertainment, hospitality, art, music to travel. He immerses himself in reporting on multi-cultural storytelling of visionaries, motivators and the next generation of innovators. This is the Life According to JS.

Alexander Mijares Is Changing The Art World

Tucked away in a chic and cozy corner table at one of Miami’s best new restaurants Osaka, I glanced over at the exquisite Peruvian inspired décor and noticed this handsome yet rugged gentleman strutting in my direction. With a charming grin and confident swagger, internationally acclaimed artist Alexander Mijares joined my table for the evening where we ate, drank and laughed, chatting about the local scene, his creative process and finding what inspires him. As we sipped on cocktails and dined on ceviche, Mijares started opening up about his life as an artist.  

“I think Picasso would have been fun to work with. He was crazy like me and enjoyed life,” says Mijares. Born in Miami, Mijares is a self-taught painter who brings a colorful and innovative approach to the international art world. With a myriad of vibrant works, he finds inspiration in the dynamic energy of Miami, his Cuban and Spanish roots, and music to create art that is rich in culture. 

During Art Basel this past December, I had the privilege of meeting Mijares for the first time when we wrapped a ’60 Sunreef Yachts boat with one of his paintings called “Pieces of Me” which Mijares revealed was “inspired by feeling protected as if a guardian angel is with me along my journey.” Admiring Latin artists Amelia Peláez, Cundo Bermúdez, Diego Rivera, Wifredo Lam, and Irish-born Francis Bacon, this quote perfectly embodies what I believe is the essence of Mijares’ inspired soul. 

“Typically, I will think about something I want to paint but right before I get to work I like to take a nap. I have the ability to go into REM sleep within less than a few minutes – which is apparently not normal” he laughs “but I’ll think of everything I want to paint then nap. I always dream about the piece then I wake up and start painting. I work for up to 24 hours without eating or stopping just because the idea is so fresh in my head that I don’t want to lose it,” shared Mijares who opened up about his creative process.

Mijares added that he always has his studio and gallery stocked up with tons of paint and canvases so when he is ready to create, he can do it on the spot without interruption. He noted, “It distracts me if I need to stop due to missing something.”

The rising influence of Mijares has already received mentions from notable media outlets including Forbes, GQ, Ocean Drive, and Robb Report (now Popular TV). He is the youngest artist in fifty years to be named the cover and poster artist for the Coconut Grove Arts Festival. He was the first-ever artist to design the official medal ribbons for the Miami Marathon, which he also ran in. He’s collaborated with Pitbull for the World Cup, painted the iHeart Radio Station Studio, and is already loved by celebrities like David Beckham, Eva Longoria, Justin Bieber, Pharrell Williams and Ricky Martin. People easily gravitate towards his friendly and endearing demeanor because he has this lovable guy next-door vibe and he is overflowing with this immense creative energy. 

After asking Mijares about his art style, he stated, “I would say that my art is unique but recognizable which helps it set itself apart from everyone else due to my use of colors. My style was also inspired by traveling around the globe, which exposed me to many different cultures. The best thing is that when I started painting and within a month or so, I came up with my flow. Then evolving from there as each day passed,” explained Mijares who keeps a positive tone in the competitive art world. 

He is one of the most genuinely humble people I have met in Miami and his biggest advice to the next generation of artists is “Don’t copy, be authentic and paint what you feel. Never worry if others judge you, it will happen if you just stay in your lane. Paint as much as possible and create a style that is unique and personal to you. Tell your story through your art and always remind yourself that nothing happens overnight. Things take time so don’t get discouraged.”

His favorite Miami spots? “Le Chick in Wynwood has a great vibe and food as well as Casa Tua which is fun for drinks and dinner. Also, you can never go wrong at the W South Beach and The Standard.” 

An avid swimmer at local favorite, Flamingo Park, Mijares currently has a large mural next to Brickell City Center for new MLS team Inter Miami CF, “Sail Away” installation at Delano South Beach and his art gallery located at 72 NW 25th Street by appointment only. 

To keep up with Mijares and his inspiring work, visit his website or his IG.


  • Photo Credit Alexander Mijares
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