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Jul 12, 2021

Six Degrees of Influence (SDI) is a full-service digital marketing and talent agency with influencer, branding, experiential, and media planning divisions spearheaded by Chief Strategic Officer, Nechelle Vanias. Recognizing a void in professionally-managed content collaboration houses, SDI curated The Vault, La Casita, and Twin Flames to leverage their multi-channel content approach and offer a unique opportunity to brands to capitalize on the benefits of creating content within four walls via social sharing as well as traditional product-placement opportunities that are so commonly and effectively used in TV and Film. SDI’s success begins with their unique strategy in custom designing campaigns that amplify a brand’s initiatives based on the KPIs set to evaluate the campaign’s success towards those goals.

With a team that has over 20 years of experience in digital media and entertainment, SDI uses this as leverage to deliver and execute campaigns that increase brand awareness and help drive sales for its clients by engaging and effectively impacting consumers worldwide. SDI’s success also stems from the strong relationships that are built with their roster of content creators, instilling a sense of trust in which the creators can rely on SDI to properly match them with the right partnerships that best benefit the growth of their individual brands. Apart from ensuring the creators only work with vetted collaborations that align with their personal brands, SDI takes mental health very seriously providing them with constant access to therapists and fully dedicating their support to each influencer for whatever they may need.

SDI’s content houses are considered to be the perfect marriage between social sharing and experiential activations. There is an audition process in which hundreds of influencers are considered for each housemate spot in the respective house based on their content type and engagement, allowing SDI to narrow the field of potential housemates. These auditions last up to two weeks at a time in order to evaluate whether the potential creator can excel within their strict production guidelines which include working from a Call Sheet like on traditional TV production sets. During this time, SDI also assesses what ideas and energy each creator brings to the house along with how well they are able to gel with the other potential housemates.

This 24/7 production sets the stage for true content and brand integration at a level that is more authentic and lasting than any other environment. SDI helps their creators with ways to credibly blend the needs and goals of the brand with their audience’s preferences through engaging social content, adapting to Gen Z/Millennial trends and tendencies to most effectively reach this demographic. The focus behind SDI’s effectiveness is integrating the brand collaborations within the housemates’ lives to showcase a credible, real-life embrace of the benefits and desirability of the product or service.

The first house SDI curated was The Vault, an LA-based content collective that’s known for its diverse creators in all ways including ethnicity, follower count and content, making it a brand favorite for collaborations with a combined TikTok following totalling over 30 million followers. The Vault’s content creators collaborate with each other in SDI’s talent incubator to continue to grow their personal brands through scalable, battle-tested strategies across multiple platforms that benefit their brand partners.

In light of The Vault’s shining debut, SDI created Twin Flames, a play on the popular Gen Z co-opted term for a person’s other half or mirror soul. Blending an SNL-inspired sketch format with one of the most time-tested and successful content combinations, their combined audiences exceed 32 million with just the first two couples. In addition to fashion, food, and video games, the couples’ spin on their content provides for additional opportunities with brands as the Twin Flames play house together, opening up branded content collaborations from home goods, CPG, health and more.

SDI’s third house, La Casita, consists of six charming yet hilarious LatinX housemates, with a combined social audience of over 20 million followers. These creators showcase what GenZ life is like through their own unique perspectives and serve as cultural ambassadors who deliver valuable insight into up-to-the-minute trends in fashion, technology, gaming, and travel to name a few. Maintaining a thorough understanding of what catches their fanbase’s attention, La Casita’s creators collaborate with brands to build awareness, increase relevance, and drive conversions.

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