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Jun 6, 2016

Meet Celebrity Makeup Artist Denika Bedrossian. Denika has always had a passion for beauty, glam, music and fashion and is best known her intricate liquid eyeliner and defined cat eye.

With over a decade of experience, Denika has mastered the art of enhancing ones natural beauty by perfecting the face through contour, highlighting and blending. Her techniques are ultra modern and fuse her 50’s inspired style to create classic and unforgettable looks for all her clients.

We sat down with Denika to chat about the experiences that have shaped her awesome career. Check it out….

HOW DID YOU END UP IN THE CAREER THAT YOU HAVE NOW? When I was younger, I use to sit in the bathroom sink and watch my mom do her makeup every morning in awe of her and the beauty of her makeup. I decided that it was something I wanted to explore, so after many years of painting in an art studio, I was ready to start trying new canvases. I played hair and makeup in all of my friends till I was old enough to get a job. So… At 16, I began working with Aveda as a receptionist and makeup assistant. The day I turned 18, I ran to my first MAC counter and applied for a job. Felt like the happiest day of my life.. Growing up, MAC artists were all so “cool” and different. I was intrigued at such a young age, so it felt so surreal. From there, I began 8 amazing years with them..I worked at local counters and then ended my last few years at the MAC Pro Store on Robertson. I met every person that came my way and created relationships with all my clients. This led me to meet so many people in the industry.. I would ask questions and practice my skill in not only makeup, but social and professional edicate as well. From there, this led to my freelance career and many years of incredible memories that I look forward to continually building.

WHERE DO YOU LOOK FOR INSPIRATION TO CONTINUE TO KEEP THINGS FRESH AND NEW WITH YOUR CLIENTS? BLOGS? SOCIAL SITES? FASHION SHOWS? Inspiration is all over me, all the time.. my friends, my family, my nieces and nephews.. all over social media, old movies, music, traveling, fashion and of course fabrics and textures that surround me and life. I try to find inspiration in everything my eyes see.

WHAT IS YOUR SPIRIT ANIMAL? WHY? Its so hard to pick my spirit animal, Im a lot of different things and animals lol. But I do have a special relationship with a few of my clients like Kelly Cutrone and Kelly Osbourne. Pretty sure we were sisters in a past life.

WHAT’S THE MOST POPULAR MOMENT IN YOUR CAREER SO FAR? I feel like Ive been so blessed with my clients and my jobs, but I do feel like I created some really timeless, beautiful and POPULAR looks on Miley Cyrus, one in particular being the Future feat. Miley Cyrus “Real and True” video. I doused her in pounds of glitter till she looked like a glowing piece of heaven. It was absolutely breathtaking.

WHAT “POPULAR” CLIENT HAVE YOU WORKED WITH THAT MADE YOU FEEL LIKE YOU MADE IT? Im so incredibly proud of every client I am privileged to work with I feel as soon as my clients get there first look in the mirror, there smile ALWAYS makes me feel like I made it! I have the greatest job in the world!!!