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Tastemaker: Kelly Cutrone


Oct 21, 2015

Our new feature “TASTEMAKERS” celebrates individuals pushing boundaries in the worlds of fashion, music, beauty, and art, and brings them together to share their experiences through personal narratives and images that have shaped their careers.

For our first in this series, we sat down with PR powerhouse, television personality, and founder of the PR firm People’s Revolution, Kelly Cutrone. Enjoy the interview!

How did you end up in the career that you have now? It happened in this order: I moved to NYC with very little money, walked on to the Downtown scene, became a party girl, got evicted from my apartment, lived on Anthony Haden­Guest’s couch, partied some more, he told me to, “Get a job or get out”, and I said, “I want to be an MTV VJ”, he said, “You should be a publicist”, and got me a job interview with Susan Blond.

Where do you look for inspiration to continue to keep things fresh and new with your clients? Blogs? Social sites? Fashion shows? I’m a big meditator, and I like to take a deeper dive on things that initially interest me ­­ weather it’s mandalas, metaphysics, eras, decades, absorbing myself in different cultures. I just love learning and exploring, and I think that keeps anyone fresh. People who stop living, loving and exploring are the ones who whittle away and die.

What is your spirit animal? Why? My spirit animal is always a Wolf because they live by a code, they keep their code, they howl in the night, they’re run by Alphas, and for the most part they stay clear of human beings.

What’s the most POPULAR moment in your career so far? ­ I’d like to think I haven’t had it yet.

What advice would you give to anyone pursuing the same career path as yours? ­ Put your seatbelt on, get your checkbook out, and don’t tell anyone anything you don’t want the world to know. Oh yea…and have fun!

What POPULAR client have you worked with that made you feel you finally made it? I always cherish that my clients invest in my agency and partner with me., that makes me feel good regardless of where they are at in their career. A few O­M­G moments…Vivienne Westwood, Paco Rabanne, growing up with Jeremy Scott.

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