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Tastemaker: Marla Vazquez


Dec 31, 2015

Meet hair and makeup artist Marla Vazquez.

How did you end up in the career that you have now? I would always do my friends makeup but never thought of it as a career at the time (I wanted to be a lawyer). Long story short, I took a ceramics class in high school and instantly fell in love with sculpting. So I decided to dive into all aspects of makeup artistry.

Where do you look for inspiration to continue to keep things fresh and new with your clients? Blogs? Social sites? Fashion shows?  I collect inspiration from current/past fashion shows, art shows, and I love my tumblr dashboard! 

What is your spirit animal? Why? Definitely a tiger, they are so fierce.

What’s the most POPULAR moment in your career so far? Honestly I don’t think I have had it yet, that’s something that keeps me motivated. Although it was pretty memorable getting lost in the desert on my way to do Jenny Lewis’s makeup.

What advice would you give to anyone pursuing the same career path as yours?  Stay positive, work hard and most importantly stay true to yourself.

What POPULAR client have you worked with that made you feel you finally made it? All of my clients have had a special part in my career so far, I can’t decide!