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UROK Foundation Art & Photography Fundraising Event


Mar 8, 2019

UROK Foundation Art & Photography Fundraising Event to Raise Awareness for Mental Health
In Los Angeles, on Thursday evening at an intimate celebration of art and music, the UROK Foundation – Jaclynn & Marvin Scott Jarrett (Founder & President of Popular TV and Co-founder of Nylon Magazine) – had their 2nd fundraising event in Los Angeles with an exclusive photography auction of the most iconic musicians of our generation including Elvis Presley, David Bowie, Courtney Love, Jared Leto and many others. Guests got the opportunity in an intimate setting to pay homage to these photographs and photographers for the first time and for one night only at Sunset Boulevard’s most legendary music galleries, Mr. Musichead Gallery, with auction proceeds going to those suffering from mental health conditions. The event-goers crowded around the stage cheering during a live performance by New Rides, which is a dynamic duo of Singer Dan Keyes (former lead singer of Young Love) and Producer Tim Metcalfe (Producer/Writer for Robbie Williams) and sounds by world-renowned DJ Ana Calderon, whom kept the hits playing and the attendees on their feet during the fundraiser. Guests enjoyed complimentary speciality UROK themed cocktails by Our/Los Angeles Vodka and Perfectomundo Tequila. Also, HFactor Water kept everyone hydrated throughout the night with its hydrogen infused water technology. Supermodel Shaun Ross, Actress Shoshana Bush, Singer Katie Welch, Actor Andrew James Allen, Musician Dan Keyes, Actor Adam Ian Cohen, Actress Brittany Curan, Actor Tyler Allred, Actor Kash Hovey and Actress Chantelle Albers showed up to help support the foundation and raise awareness through their influence on social media. Singer Katie Welch took over the @WhatisPopular instagram so fans could enjoy the event from around the world.


  • Photographer Rony’s Photobooth
  • Photographer Mekael Dawson