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WTF Is Happening In ‘The Visit’?


Apr 30, 2015

When Olivia and Ed arrive at their grandparents’ house in The Visit, it seems like a pretty cool vacation. They have the run of an old farm house, they’ve got a digital video camera to record their adventures, and their Nana and Pop-Pop seem like chill, slightly dotty old hippies.

But oh wait—Liv and Ed aren’t just normal kids going on a trip. They’re the main characters in an M. Night Shyamalan movie, which means their Nana and Pop-Pop are probably aliens, ghosts, sorcerers, or (Village spoiler alert) really misguided hipsters trying to “live off the land” at the expense of modern medicine and basic sanity.

Watch the just-released trailer for The Visit to get a sense of the madness ahead, then leave your theories below. Are Liv and Ed part of a long line of zombies? Werewolves? Vampires? Or do they just see dead people?

Keep us posted. We’re dying to know WTF is going on here… and the movie doesn’t come out until September!

PS: If you watch this trailer, you may not be able to sleep without the lights on. Fair warning, ok?