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Nov 23, 2015

If you’re like us, you’re probably still dreaming of summer, and especially the songs that make us think of warm weather. New York-based pop siren FLETCHER had one of the catchiest hits of the summer months with her first single “War Paint.” It’s gotten over 20 million streams since it came out, which isn’t bad for an up-and-comer at all. Furthermore she’s been gaining a ton of success for her tunes while studying full-time at NYU. On Friday, FLETCHER dropped her second single, which parallels Halsey’s “New Americana” with its anthemic vibe—a song that was written with R. City, known for their breakout “Locked Away (ft. Adam Levine) and radio hits for Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj and Rihanna. With two powerful tracks under her belt, we wanted to get to know the buzzy artist a bit more before she blows up. 

1.What gets you up in the morning? Knowing I can get up in the morning and make a difference that day.

2. What’s your personal life philosophy? I always want to do one thing every day that makes me step outside of my comfort zone, whether it’s facing a fear, an outfit choice, striking up a conversation even if I’m awkward AF. I try to do something everyday that makes me uncomfortable.

3. Your biggest virtue? Loyalty

4. Your biggest vice? My project would depict love as my biggest vice. But, I do bingewatch seasons of Orange Is The New Black like no other…

5. Do you have a party trick? Not really anything special. If all else fails I just start singing.

6. How would you describe your style? Tribal, western boho chic!

7. What would constitute a perfect day for you? A perfect day would be pretty simple. It would consist of a lot of fun outdoor activities, preferably water sports on a beach somewhere, drinking and eating, and being surrounded by the people I love the most.

8. Knowing what you know today, what advice would you give your younger self? Don’t be so concerned about what the cooler kids think of you because you’ll be cooler and more importantly a lot happier with who you are one day.

9. What would your very last meal entail? This might sound super unhealthy, but if it was my last meal…who the hell cares about being healthy anyway? Anything and everything with cheese and chocolate. I could dig a plate of fully loaded nachos and a Chocolate Meltdown from Applebee’s. I have Celiac Disease so I can’t actually eat that, but I’d totally go for it with my last meal.

10. Three people—dead or alive, real or fictional—that you’d like to invite to dinner? I’d honestly invite (if we’re not talking just music) Jonah Hill, Melissa McCarthy and Amy Poehler. That’d be one hilarious dinner party.

11. If you were a song, which one would you be? I would be (my song) “War Paint.” It represents a lot of what I stand for as a person. The music is me.

12. If a movie were made about you, who would play you? 100% Jennifer Lawrence. I absolutely love her and think we would be good friends. I know she’d capture my personality really well. I’m a good balance between serious, emotional, and lighthearted, I equally love to cry and laugh.

13. Turn ons? A good sense of humor, humbleness and selflessness.

14. Turn offs? Laziness, cockiness, and people who are just unaware of what is going on in the world.

15. Your spirit animal? A lion!

16. Your favorite flower? Sunflower.

17. Tell us a secret. I have my black belt in karate, shh ;)

18. Your favorite quote? “Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.” -Mark Twain.

19. What is your current state of mind? A little overwhelmed and stressed at the moment. School just started up again at NYU. Very sad summer is over.

20. An embarrassing moment? I clicked on a video on Facebook in class that had one of those captions that said “you’ll never guess what she does next.” It ended up being like a porn virus and the pop up was on full volume. My entire whole class (including my professor) thought I was watching porn in class on my first day of class last semester. It still gets brought up often and I’m still mortified.

21. Your proudest moment? So many proud moments lately! Waking up the morning “War Paint” had surpassed one million streams on Spotify was quite the proud moment. I thought to myself about how crazy it all was, how people were responding so well to something that is so near to my heart and of course something I’ve worked on for so long.