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Oct 23, 2015

The wait is finally over: Adele has returned with a new song and a new outlook. While tracks from previous records 19 and 21 focused on heartbreak, anger and the sadness that comes with breakups, 25 will be a step forward for the soulful songstress. Tinged with sadness in typical Adele fashion comes her first single “Hello,” which unlike “Set Fire To The Rain” or “Someone Like You” is a resolute song. Adele is nostalgic, but at peace as she sings ‘Hello from the other side/I must have called a thousand times.’ It seems that from her journey from 19, Adele has found even more maturity in her singing. With “Hello,” Adele proves that resolution may not come in the way you’ve hoped, but it certainly is possible: a newfound perspective she’s found in her music.

Her album 25 is due November 20, and five years later, it seems like Adele has grown up a lot both musically and in life. Watch the video for “Hello” below.