the anti-social network



Sep 4, 2020

Following his record “U Feel It 2,” AIRPORTS returns to the music scene with a brand new single titled “Party All The Time.” 

The newly released track shows off AIRPORTS’ impressive balance between singing and rapping in a new space. Bass-heavy and addictively catchy, “Party All The Time,” features Los Angeles-native R I L EY. It uniquely blends both hip-hop and punk due to AIRPORTS heavily valuing both genres. His ability to intertwine his passions for the two very separate sounds on this new track is remarkable in itself. 

For listeners, “Party All The Time” may remind them of Machine Gun Kelly’s recent sound. Genre-blurring and crossovers are something that has become very popular in the music industry recently and it’s safe to say that AIRPORTS has a solid handle on the ideal mix. 

Currently, the “U Feel It 2” singer is set on creating music for listeners all around the globe and especially for those traveling. His non-conventional and masterly approach to blending genres and defying expectations has drawn in a large audience already and continues to catch the ears of widespread demographic. Despite his pop roots, fans of AIRPORTS can always expect to hear elements and aspects of genres such as hip-hop, punk, and electronic. 

He also finds ways to connect with listeners through his creative lyrics and song concepts. In fact, “Party All The Time” has an interesting backstory and overall message hiding behind its powerfully bass-driven sound. The track is about a girl who will never be able to commit to a relationship or coexist with him because of her obsession with social-clout and the party scene. 

“I was scrolling through my Instagram and saw a girl I knew who was literally just out every night clubbing and said to myself, ‘she just wants to party all the time.’ Although she sparked the idea, it’s more of an exaggerated story about a person you can’t love because they’re more into socializing than into you,” AIRPORTS said. 

“Party All The Time” featuring R I L E Y is out now!

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