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Album Premiere: Mideau


Apr 16, 2015

You know you’ve hit upon something special when a song gives you goosebumps before you even reach the 30 second mark. These are the kind of tracks that conjure up so many emotions, you have to press repeat in order to fully process what you’re listening to. This is definitely the vibe one gets from Mideau.

Hailing from Provo, Utah, Libbie Linton and Spencer J Harrison have slowly and steadily eased their way into our eardrums with their crystalline indie pop sound. Two years after they first released their breakout track “Way With Words,” the duo is preparing to unleash their debut album upon the world. Criss-crossing between heartfelt slow-burners like “Maude” and power-pop tunes like “Feet To The Sun” or “Benny,” the record seamlessly covers all of the bases. One thing each track does have in common, however, is a hard-to-pinpoint cinematic quality that inspires you to listen again and again.

Thanks to singer’s Linton’s soft, delicate vocals and Harrison’s dreamy melodies, the result is a little bit familiar — some tracks hints of Feist or Meiko are woven inside — but with a decidedly upbeat twist. And because everyone should get the chance to experience Mideau’s blissfulness for themselves, we have an exclusive premiere of their self-titled album right here. Listen below, then buy it for yourself when it drops April 21.


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