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Album Premiere: Priest


May 4, 2015

If music has the power to transport you to another place, then you’d better buckle up–because Priest is preparing to blast off into a star-studded galaxy far, far away. Comprised of singer Madeline Priest and producer Dave Kazyk, this Florida duo weaves breathy vocals, pulsing ’80s-inspired beats, and irresistible synth pop melodies into a sound that feels downright magical. The pair first teamed up back in 2013, and, after dropping early tunes like “Samurai” and Sophie K,” they’re about to unleash their debut album upon the world.

Released via Swedish imprint Emotion (a fitting choice, since these guys embody icy cool Swedish pop perfectly), Priest’s self-titled LP just might be the dreamiest thing you’ll hear all spring. And the best part is, you can get a first listen of their album exclusively here. Get to know the band in our pop quiz with Madeline, then drift away on a cloud of luxurious synth pop below.

You call yourselves Priest because…

That was on the table because it’s my last name, along with a couple other random ideas. But, we eventually went with “Priest” because it just seemed to fit with the vibe we were going for.

The weirdest thing on your tour rider is….

We’re not super picky, but I always appreciate a couple drinks!

The best place to listen to your album is…

On the Millennium Falcon! But if you can’t swing that, somewhere chill surrounded with good people.

If you could collaborate with anyone (living or dead), you’d pick….

This is always a good question. Right now I would have to say Ernest Greene because I have been loving Washed Out.



  • Priests, shot by Jennifer Medina.