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Alex Parker And HERA’s New Tech House Smash “I Want The Money” Is An Ironic Reference To Consumerism


May 31, 2021

Arguably one of Romania’s brightest electronic music exports, Alex Parker undoubtedly knows how to craft exciting and attention-grabbing projects. Marking his latest single, he has teamed up with L.A. singer HERA to share “I Want The Money,” an ironic, spot-on reference to today’s consumerism culture, get-rich-quick schemes and dreams, and the buzzing world of cryptocurrency and stock trading.

Also dubbed as “The Crypto Anthem,” “I Want The Money” is out now via Creator Records, and is an undeniable dance floor anthem. HERA’s steamy vocal performance perfectly fits Alex Parker’s infectious instrumental, which is filled with bouncy basslines, thumping kicks, and exciting effects, making up for a song that will definitely be lighting up dancefloors throughout the summer.

On top of being a certified club smash, the anticipated single has already gained a lot of traction within the world of crypto, as the song and video have been released in partnership with a top 50 cryptocurrency – Elrond Network, as the first NFT to debut on their new wallet called MAIAR. Elrond Network’s CEO Beniamin Mincu recently shared a first teaser for the NFT on Twitter, resulting in over 110k views in the first day and lots of support from NFT and crypto enthusiasts.

With lots of funny easter eggs, the music video for “I Want All The Money“ does an amazing job at taking a lighthearted jab at the current state of the crypto and stock trading internet movement, showing Elon Musk staying together with the DOGE dog, GameStonks billboards, the HODL Bank, the phrase “to the moon“ and much more.

“You can make all the money in the world if you set your mind to it, but if you don’t have a higher purpose, it’s pointless. Just focus on making the world a better place!”, says Alex Parker.