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Review: Alt Bloom – Get Back


Apr 19, 2020

A long drumroll for Alt Bloom‘s new single “Get Back”, please! The song is everything we needed for this quarantine. With a mix of R&B and pop, the song invites you to a very cool introspective experience and brings you the feeling of instant happiness.


The song relays the story of a couple’s fight and the importance of transparency within a healthy and loving relationship. The easy going chorus “We can get back together, second time’ round it’s better. If we can get it wrong, we can get it right. Tell me what’s good and I’ll see you tonight”, is not only the perfect mix of bliss and groove but a reminder to stay optimistic when things get rough


The video opens on a frame of Alt Bloom (a.k.a. Ethan) desperately calling his girlfriend for a do-over officially starting the story. The journey the song takes you on is one that is all too familiar to almost everyone who has been in a relationship but never knew the words to prepare one.


Oh, we have to comment: What was that scene on top of the school bus? Amazing! 


“Get Back” is the latest in a series of notable tracks released through 2019 and marks down the beginning of an amazing music year for Ethan.


Alt Bloom is like a hug: warm, powerful and immerses you into his textured and relaxing voice. His songs are the perfect companion for a Sunday afternoon or a relaxing trip, and ‘Get Back’ is the summer song we wish we were blasting down The 101.


If you haven’t heard “Get Back” yet, this is your chance. The song is available on all his digital platforms.

Oh, and don’t forget to follow Alt Bloom (@altbloom) on Instagram.  


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