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Ambitious New Platform: ‘Independent’ Is Here To Allow Fans To Directly Invest In Their Favorite Artist’s


Mar 24, 2022

Bringing together an initiative that has been brought up time and time again within the web3 community, ‘Independent’ is finally here to allow fans to directly invest in their favorite artists’ music. Over the past year, the world of NFTs has clearly allowed artists to directly monetize their art and receive peer-to-peer support from their fans, while not being bound to traditional financial frameworks. ‘Independent’ aims to take this concept a step further, and give fans a real financial incentive to support their favorite artists.

Built on the Solana blockchain, ‘Independent’ is backed by a stellar team: the creators of Monk Mafia – an NFT project that made international headlines after receiving backing from some of Asia’s most renowned celebrities including lead singer Keiji from hit maker J-pop band EXILE, award-winning Netflix documentarian Nirmal Purja and various TV personalities, in addition to appearing on Hong Kong’s biggest LED billboard and other billboards around the world.

The team’s ambitious new platform will allow artists to offer a percentage of their royalties for fans and music lovers to invest in, while also providing backers with special perks and offers. Supporters who decide to invest in a song, will become official co-owners of it, and recoup their investment in the form of royalties generated from the song’s streams and sales.

Song investors have the option of claiming their royalties at any time, while artists will finally have an opportunity to receive real financial aid from their core audience, thus being able to invest in their careers and take them to the next level. A dedicated Discord community will also be created for investors to connect and enjoy mini games with real rewards.

Monk Mafia is also gearing up to launch their own musical alias soon. In keeping with their innovative reputation, the organization will be releasing original music under a moniker, exemplifying the unique and novel concept of a DAO-musician, driven by the Monk Mafia community’s vision.