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Andrekza Opens Up About New Single “Ya Fue,” Growing Up In Venezuela, Her Music Journey And More

Photo provided by: Lotus Visual Arts


Dec 2, 2020

A truly multi-faceted artist, Andrekza is turning heads as she hits the scene running.

Born in San Antonio de los Altos, Venezuela, Andrekza graduated from high-school at 15 and set out to study in Toronto, Canada. That’s when the young talent began writing rap lyrics, and shortly went on to pursue composition, photography, art and cinema back in her home country. Finally settling down in LA, she continued her artistic journey by starting the content creation house LOTUS VISUAL ARTS, having developed more than 100 projects in the last two years.

Her successful debut in music came in the form to “TÉ” earlier this year via Grammy-nominated DJ/producer Steve Aoki’s new Latin music imprint, Dim Mak En Fuego. A slow, reggaeton ballad, “TÉ” introduced Andrekza’s distinct musical style, one that is certainly going to be impressing massive audiences in due time.

Now, the talent is back with yet another gem, dropping “Ya Fue” alongside a sumptuous music video. A hard-hitting beat gives the single an edgy character, while Andrekza’s confident and charismatic delivery is empowering and infectious.

“We think too much and we stop feeling and flowing with our emotions,” says Andrekza. “If you messed up, IT ALREADY HAPPENED (Ya Fue)! For me, life is about empowering our emotions and allowing ourselves to feel and live by them.” With the future looking exciting for Andrekza, PopularTV had the pleasure of interviewing her about her musical journey and much more:


Tell us about your newest song “Ya Fue” and the inspiration behind it!

“Ya Fue” is a song that I wrote for all the people who love and feel the moments of life like I do. It is a song that supports that forbidden love that is impossible, but still tempting and magical. It is incredible to feel, and I think that there is the power of us as humanity to be sufficiently conscious to feel and differentiate love and temptations.


You are currently prepping your first album. What can your fans expect?

It is an album of 12 songs that is called Cassette, and it is divided into two EPs – Side A and Side B. It is a mixtape because we worked with distinct genres and sounds. I wanted to be able to express myself–when I listen to my album, I want to feel the same way I do when I go to my Spotify playlist, put headphones on, close my eyes in my room, and let my imagination and feelings fly. Through these distinct rhythms and sounds, there is a moment for everything and a song for every person, and I spoke to all my alter egos.


How has living in Venezuela pushed you and your career/life?

Venezuela is a magical place that made me and gave me the human warmth that I have today to be able to fight this concrete jungle. I moved when I was 15, and from there started to study in different parts of the world. I actually had not experienced my career as an artist in Venezuela, but I hope to be able to create many magical moments there with my people.


Was there a pivotal moment you realized you wanted to pursue music full-time?

After creating many projects for other artists, overcoming my own fears, and learning that my art had to be shared, I made the decision a year ago to start my album. Since then, I met amazing people like Steve, who helped me center, channel, and structure my art to be able to live off of what I love and dreamed of doing every day.


How has quarantine affected the way you create?

For me, truthfully I always was in my house creating, and it is not like I am locked in. I think that quarantine obviously has helped me to find myself and things I had forgotten. It also led me to times when I thought everything is lost, but it is certainly an experience to remember forever.


You directed Gabriel Garzón-Montano’s new music video “Muñeca”. What was that experience like?

Gabriel is a lovely artist. Working with him was a super fun adventure. I learned so much from his creative process – it was a challenge for me as an artist to create with him. We did everything with a lot of love, and I think that the result reflects that. There are more surprises in store with GGM that you will all really love.


Tell us something you want your new listeners to know about you.

Life is a decision – you decide to be happy. My mission is to share my art, and inspire you to share yours, so together we can make incredible things. Because at the end of the day, the most important thing is that we feel it in our hearts. I do not make art to live, I live to make art.