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Ashton Ray Makes Grandiose Return With Stunning “Lonely” Cover Via


Oct 28, 2022

Finally making his anticipated return to the spotlight, Ashton Ray has just unveiled his second single, taking on Justin Bieber and benny blanco’s monumental hit “Lonely” with an impressive cover. The 24-year-old French artist has been immersed in music throughout his life, working on perfecting his craft in the shadows before deciding to make his debut back in 2020 with “I Left,” a stunning record that made for a great introduction.

Out via’s label imprint, “Lonely” is yet another masterful display of Ashton Ray’s unmatched skills behind the mic, as well as his knack for conceptualizing incredible records. is a pioneering platform which houses Independent, a web3 initiative that allows fans to invest in their favorite creators’ music. “Lonely” displays Ashton Ray at his very best, making us incredibly excited to check out more of his forthcoming releases.