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Ava Max “Heaven & Hell” review


Sep 23, 2020

Ava Max returns with new music following successful singles “Kings & Queens” and “Who’s Laughing Now.” It’s been a solid year of new releases from the singer, but this time, the “Sweet but Psycho” singer has officially released her highly anticipated debut album: Heaven & Hell. 

Max’s brand new album continues to indirectly warn other artists to watch out when it comes to who will be taking over the charts. She is captivating listeners around the world with the greatest aspects of 2010s pop music combined with her iconic personality and flare. While countless artists are trying to move into a more modern sound with electronic instrumentals, Ava Max is combining the best of the last decade with a taste of futuristic elements. 

Heaven & Hell is redefining the characteristics of modern-pop. With the ideal balance between catchy and intricate, Max’s production will remind listeners of an early Lady Gaga era with a hint of Katy Perry at her peak. Her lyrics and detailed instrumentals are something that we haven’t been able to hear in recent releases from other pop-sensations. It’s clear that the long-awaited release of this album wasn’t just to build anticipation. Max has spent a significant amount of time perfecting her craft and releasing an ideal combination of new music for the right reasons. 

Music fans may recognize some of the already released tracks on this album such as “Sweet but Psycho,” “So Am I” and “Torn.” But regardless of which tracks listeners have heard before, they’ll be determined to learn all of the lyrics to this 15-track project after their full first listen through.

When you subtract the catchiness and impressive musical production behind Heaven & Hell, you’re left with a mindblowing amount of talent. Ava Max shows off her range and whistle-tones as well as impressive songwriting skills yet again through this project. These are not only songs that listeners are going to want to dance to in their homes, but also see performed live by Ava Max in the future. 

The variety provided on Heaven & Hell provides listeners with the best of both worlds. Tracks like “Tattoo” and “Born to the Night” will make you want to roll the windows down and sing to strangers on a Friday night in the city. On the other hand, “Salt” is a much-needed anthem for those going through a breakup or difficult time with their romantic interest. There are countless themes and messages captured by each track. One major theme is facing the judgment of others and overcoming any obstacles that come your way as a human being just trying to thrive in a challenging world. 

Max continues to remind listeners to be themselves and stay confident. Her exhaustion from petty drama and the annoyances of life is captured through almost comical lyrics and strong vocals. For instance, lines like “I don’t want to deal with anything. I need a break” in her track “Born to the Night” stand out as painfully relatable. 

There is a clear blend of influences behind Heaven & Hell. Lady Gaga is definitely one major and obvious inspiration behind this project. However, there are also indirect references to other iconic pop artists and their notable sounds. For instance, elements of Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera shine through here and there in a few tracks.  

 Heaven & Hell isn’t trying to remake the art that listeners fell in love with a decade ago. It’s utilizing the strong and captivating aspects of the pop that conquered the world to create a whole new sound and vibe for 2020. Max’s new project stands out from other artists releasing similar music to everyone else. 

This is the type of album that will never get old. Heaven & Hell is the type of positive mood transformation everyone needs to hear once in a while. Max continues to empower listeners with motivational and positive messages. 

Ava Max’s debut album effortlessly captures her growth and evolution as an artist since the release of “Sweet but Psycho” almost two years ago. Heaven & Hell is exactly what Max needed to take her career to the next level. It’s unique in every way and completely unforgettable. Her powerful vocals and dynamic range are worth way more than just one listen. These tracks will make you struggle to take Heaven & Hell off replay.