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Balcony Weekend Reveal Uplifting New Single “Remember Everything” Ahead Of Debut EP


Jul 22, 2021

Made up of two good friends who met randomly, yet immediately clicked together as co-writers, Balcony Weekend are without a doubt an overly exciting rising act to watch currently. The duo, made up of singers and songwriters Labit and LeyeT, are both SoCal natives, and met through mutual friends, immediately kicking it off writing music and forming a close friendship. They released their debut single “Here For You” last year, and continued honing in on their skills and writing together, something that led to the birth of their project Balcony Weekend. As they revealed, they had taken a weekend trip to San Clemente, playing acoustic guitar and writing on an oceanfront balcony. These intimate and spontaneous sessions led to Balcony Weekend’s debut EP, which is now released in all digital platforms via tastemaker label TH3RD BRAIN.

Balcony Weekend hope to connect with the world organically, one single and conversation at a time, just like good friends do. Their brand new single “Remember Everything” makes up for a bright example of their talents and ethos. Written about reminiscing on the good times together with a close friend, before they had moved away, “Remember Everything” is a truly emotional, nostalgic and lighthearted song, and we can’t get enough of it.

Labit and LeyeT’s chemistry is unmatched throughout the single, which might arguably be their best to date. Minimal percussion and acoustic guitar arpeggios kick off the single, as it evolves with the help of subtle layers and production nuances. The chorus then explodes with the help of impactful drum work and soothing atmospheres, while the two singers’ heavenly duet takes the song to the next level. “Remember Everything” also comes alongside a stunning music video that perfectly encapsulates the tune’s bittersweet message with its playful visuals and stunning filmography, following Balcony Weekend and their friends around in their adventures.

“One of our good friends, who just so happens to be the co-producer of most of our first EP, moved to Nashville this year; this song is us reminiscing on good times together,” explains the talented duo. “Sometimes, the most memorable moments of friendships are in the little things like getting sushi on a weeknight or grabbing drinks from the grocery store instead of going out. It’s so hard to know exactly what to say to someone you’re close to before they leave to go off somewhere new… “I’ve got so much to say, but I’m frozen on the blacktop. When you leave, all the words show up.”