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Bella Dose new single “Boom Boom”


Oct 30, 2020

Bella Dose are back with a brand new single titled “Boom Boom.” The group, popularized as the first girl group to make music consistently in both Spanish and English, has been catching the attention of music fans internationally over the past several months. 


As a powerhouse unit, the American-Latin pop-quartet radiates positive energy, and their signature sounds effortlessly through each new release. Bella Dose consists of members Brianna Leah, Jennifer Hernandez, Thais Rodriguez, and Melany Rivera. The group name, Bella Dose, means “fair share” and “dose of beauty” in Italian. 


“Boom Boom” follows the release of their fiery summer single “Pal Laito.” Each member strives to honor their roots by both writings and recording their songs in two different languages. This, of course, continues to help empower everyone who listens to and comes across their music. 


With over 70,000 followers on Instagram and over one million fans on TikTok, it’s safe to say that this is only the beginning for Bella Dose. Their presence on social media is undeniably strong and the connection that they share with their fans is particularly remarkable. 


The group’s brand new single, “Boom Boom,” is a more sensual release compared to what fans may be used to or were expecting. It covers the subject of wanting a man to give you the world and prove that they’re loyal before you’re willing to commit to anything serious. The track was inspired by real experiences and is completely empowering as well as relatable for women around the world. 


The music video for “Boom Boom” has also been released. The video, inspired by Charlie’s Angels, is a bit scandalous and undeniably iconic. Bella Dose appears just as confident in the visual for this track as they do sonically through its lyrics.


With an EP on its way, this new single gives fans and listeners a bit of a sneak peek as to what’s come from their new favorite girl group. “Boom Boom” has already caught the attention of thousands of listeners just hours after its official release. 


“Boom Boom” is out now can you listen below! Don’t forget to follow Bella Dose all over social media: Instagram, Facebook, Twitterand TikTok.