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Sound Off


Apr 30, 2015

No offense to those free earbuds that came with your iPhone and iPod, but let’s be honest — they’re just not cutting it anymore. After all, what’s the point in settling for tangled wires, scratchy sound, or fall-out-of-your-ears tendencies, especially when a whole new crop of amazing music gadgets is just waiting for you to press play?!

Whether you want to tune out to FKA Twigs while walking through the city, power through your daily run with Rihanna, or, just dance around your room in pajamas to old-school Britney Spears (hey, no judgement!), there’s a speaker to fit your music needs. We’ve cut through the noise — yes, literally — to bring you the best music gadgets so you can crank up the volume anywhere. Click through the slideshow to see our picks.