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Song Premiere: Bleitch


Mar 5, 2015

While her actress sister Zoey is kicking ass and taking names in movies like Vampire Academy, Madelyn Deutch has been busy conquering the music world. The L.A. singer is one half of the new pop group Bleitch, alongside producer and composer Piers Baron. Their debut single “This Is Our Youth” premiered back in the fall (and made a cameo on True Blood, no big deal), and today the pair has returned with their follow-up track.

After a slow and steady build, “Paint By Numbers” seamlessly morphs into a blissful, sing-along jam that worms its way into your head almost immediately. But don’t worry, that’s definitely not a bad thing. Thanks to Deutch’s ethereal vocals and Baron’s melodic pop magic, we may have just found our new springtime anthem  a few weeks early. Because if there’s anything that we can count on to bring the sunshine (at least in your headphones), it’s this. Listen to Bleitch’s brand of self-described brand of slick “future pop,” then head to iTunes to buy the track.




  • BLEITCH, SHOT BY Arto Saari