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Borns gives us the straight dope


Nov 16, 2015

Why did you name your album Dopamine? It’s the chemical that inspired all the songs. The record was written with dopamine in mind, so to speak.

What is one thing you have to bring on the road with you while touring? Postage stamps.

Favorite city you have played in so far? Why? Amsterdam was a lovely show and a gorgeous city.

What’s your spirit animal? Why? It changes on the daily. Most long days on the road it’s a hedgehog.

What’s your favorite song on your album? Clouds. It was recorded in one take without too much thought.

What is the craziest thing a fan has done to grab your attention? I get some pretty crazy tweets from fans mistaking me for their dad.

Describe your style in 3 words? Very much scatterbrained.

What are some artist that inspire you? Drake and Salvador Dali

Most memorable moment so far on this tour? Two nights sold out in New York City.

Best thing about touring? Waking up in a new country.



  • Groomer: Nancilee Santos.