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CARYS has officially released her highly anticipated EP: To Anyone Like Me



Oct 2, 2020

The rising pop singer-songwriter and actress opens up about heartbreak, love, and empowerment on this 6-track project. Fans of CARYS may recognize previously released tracks such as “Crush” and “No More” which are featured on the EP. However, brand new unreleased tracks including “Maybe I’ll Call You” are included on To Anyone Like Me as well. 


The “Crush” singer is captivating listeners around the world with her iconic personality and powerful vocals. Her music, as portrayed through this new project, is beyond relatable and therefore easily captures the attention of music fans around the world. It’s clear that her lyrics and purpose as an artist is, to be honest, and create genuine art with meaningful messages. She uses each track to tell a different story, but the overarching theme is that CARYS is just like the rest of us who are trying to figure life out. 


Her passion for the art that she creates shines through her stunning vocals and attention to detail. Songs like “Maybe I’ll Call You” seem like another catchy pop track on the surface, but the meaning behind its lyrics will have you relating to CARYS on a whole new level. Not to mention, the project’s production is beyond impressive. It will remind you of pop sensations such as Hailee Steinfield with a hint of alternative flare. 


CARYS opens up on To Anyone Like Me about vulnerable and emotional subjects that many artists tend to shy away from. For instance, she often sought validation as a child and felt like an outsider. Currently, she attempts to embrace the feeling of being different and that journey is detailed from start to finish on this project. As a result, her devotion to sincere songwriting makes it clear to listeners what she has gone through in her past. 


Following the project’s official release, CARYS also shared the music video for “When A Girl.” The visual stars CARYS as she captures the role society expects women to fill in a creative yet blunt way. In typical CARYS fashion, the video concludes with a surprise ending. 


To Anyone Like Me is CARYS debut EP and first long-form release as an artist. Following several singles, the singer-songwriter has finally awarded fans with a longer work of art that they can play and listen to on repeat. 


With nearly 1 million monthly listeners on Spotify alone prior to the EP’s release, this is just the beginning for CARYS. Her single “No More” has racked up over 2 million streams and countless music fans continue to discover her music by the day. 



  • Photography Ryan Faist