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Nov 19, 2020

Break out those cozy sweaters because our favorite girl Catie Turner is back with her new single, “One Day,” a compelling track that’s soothing to the soul. The lyrics are emotionally wistful and its bubbly instrumental keeps it light throughout the song, instilling feelings of hope in listeners.

The song marks Catie’s return after last year’s singles “Gets Better” and “i luv him.” Her debut six-song EP The Sad Vegan (she’s been vegan since 2016!) came after capturing hearts across the country on NBC’s American Idol, where she performed with Andy Grammer and Katy Perry

Catie immediately became a national sensation in 2018 with her stunning audition performance of her own original song, “21st Century Machine.” Judges Lionel Richie, Luke Bryan and Katy Perry gave her a golden ticket and applauded her as a “genius songwriter.”

Following up the success of “21st Century Machine” came breakthrough single, “Prom Queen,” with over 18 million global streams and TIME naming it among its “5 Songs You Need To Listen To This Week.”

The 20-year-old breakout artist first began making music in her hometown of Langhorne, PA. Writing songs and playing guitar was an outlet for Catie’s social anxiety, and she’s come a long way in a short time. Since her American Idol days, Catie’s proven herself as an artist on stage. From 2018’s 48-city “American Idol Live!” tour to headlining her own shows, she’s also supported artists like Meghan TrainorAJ Mitchell and Justin Jesso.

With her charismatic demeanor and creative ability to blend her personal lyricism and soulful vocals, Catie’s making a name for herself in the industry.


Be sure to check out “One Day” and read more about this sweetheart in our interview with Catie below!


Tell us about your new single “One Day” and the story behind it.

One day is my first single in pretty much a year, so good number to name the song “one” like [my] one year anniversary with putting out music. How it started… I was in Nashville in 2019 and I was writing with my friends. I like to tell people different stories to make myself look better so in this story, I was telling them that my boyfriend at the time proposed to me on the bathroom floor. So they’re like, “wow, that’s moving so fast!” and that’s exactly what I said [to them]. In reality, I was like, “I’m so in love and I’m 19 and this makes sense at this moment!”

But obviously in the song I’m like, “take it one day at a time.” So yes, that is the writing process and now it’s very funny that this is coming out because he’s my ex.


You’ve said that doing music was something you started later than others have. What part of being an artist do you think comes most naturally to you? 

Being myself comes the most naturally to me, if that’s even considered a part of the artist job! If that’s just like a personality thing, then the one thing that I think I’m good at is I’m very good at putting my feelings into words. I was on Tumblr! I was the Tumblr generation so I’m very good at putting my sad 3 a.m. thoughts into words.


As an artist do you feel more comfortable being onstage or offstage?

On stage, surprisingly, because I just feel in that moment. It’s one of the only times I’m not in my head thinking about something. It is truly the most “head empty, no thoughts” off of adrenaline moment, and it’s beautiful. At my concerts last year it was really nice because it was like, all these people in this room are showing up for me!


Outside of music, what would you say your hobbies are?

I’m really only good at music, so this was like my definite Plan A and Plan B because I didn’t have anything else! I love to dance. I’m not good at it but I like to do it. Maybe going online is a hobby? I really can’t cook or anything but online shopping is my hobby. I’ll be going on Facebook marketplace to look at things and being like, “I want that thing.”


I love your fashion and I know you like to go thrifting. Can you tell us about how you developed your style?

Thank you so much! It kind of just happened… I really like 60s and 70s aesthetic and I don’t even know how I developed my style, I just looked at clothes I liked. I started to like retro and then like I started really liking colors. Then I ironically started liking everything I used to think was ugly when I was four. Like all “old people” stuff. Now I look at stuff my grandma used to own and I’m like, “that is so cute and mid-century.”

I didn’t have a plan to look this way but high waisted things are the best things that ever came into my life! The low rise jeans trying to come back right now is very overwhelming for me like “get away Satan we don’t want you here!”


When you go to a thrift store, what section do you make a beeline towards?

Dresses. I think dresses are the perfect outfit because like they already come as one piece! I don’t have to coordinate the bottom and the top. Then men’s sweatshirts, the big sweaters… I just want to drown in the fabric!


I saw that you’ve been making YouTube videos! Do you think that quarantine has made you want to push yourself to create more?

Definitely! I’ve been making very stupid YouTube videos. iMovie and I are close now. I think when you have a lot of time on your hands, your mind starts to work in mysterious ways because you have to fill all that time. It makes me want to create more because I’m a procrastinator, but I hate being lazy. It’s like the weirdest things I will procrastinate. So I don’t do any work. But then when I actually have nothing to do, I’m like, wait, I can’t procrastinate because I have nothing. So I would just want to fill that void… I learned how to sing Kpop songs!


How has quarantine affected your creative process?

It’s hurt it, but also benefited it because when you don’t do anything and you’re in a house for like, six months, you don’t really have anything to write about, because nothing’s happening. That stunted it a bit but it also helped it because I got to work with other songwriters and learn other ways to benefit from their creativity. I learned how to co-write better with people. On a personal level, my creativity was very stoic. I was just bored. I wanted to fight people just to inspire something in a song. I was like, “Can somebody please just hurt me?” I need something to write about!


Are there any artists you would love to collaborate with?

Oh my god, Maggie Rogers! And… Harry Styles, if he wouldn’t be too freaked out because I’d just stare at him!


How much of an influence would you say social media has on your day-to-day life?

I mean, I am a part of Gen Z so.. a lot. I mean, I’m always on it. Even if I don’t tweet or text people back. I have ADHD so people think, “oh, you’re always on your phone. Why don’t you text me back?” I’m like, “because I’m on TikTok!”

I have a love-hate relationship with it because I’m so used to being the anonymous person on social media but now it’s kind of my job to be on social media. It gives me anxiety. I’m so used to just looking at people and always being like the person just vibing but now, I’m the one who has to like post and worry about that.


What’s your favorite social media app?

Twitter. It’s just so easy to like it because it doesn’t involve your face and Twitter’s so easy to shit-post and just be yourself. It’s simple and chaotic. Twitter’s unfiltered and it’s beautiful and chaotic.


A lot has happened since you were on American Idol. What would you say has been a career highlight?

I think Prom Queen popping off was one of my highlights. When I put it out, I always said, “Oh, this won’t be as big as 21st Century Machine.” And that’s fine. I just really liked the song. I remember performing it live and I started to hate the song because people would go on their phones during it. It wasn’t really liked. People thought it was slow… but then it just took a life of its own and now it’s my most streamed song and that was insane! I think that it made me redefine what success was because something doesn’t have to pop off right away to be successful.


How has your music and writing process changed from when you started?

When I was 16, I didn’t have real life experiences to go off of so I would definitely have to take some creative liberties and it was not as personal. I just focused on it being pretty. Now the more I go on the journey of life, it’s [become] more of my therapy. It’s cathartic to just lay it all out. I don’t write in the moment to relate to anybody else but when people can also relate to it, it feels really good because it was just my venting.


What is something you want new fans to know about you?

That I am a safe place and a safe space and everyone can be sad together listening to my music. We all can cry together.

That even though I make a lot of sad music, I am happy, I promise! I’m a happy person. So you can approach me and I won’t fill you with absolute dread like my music because I’m, I’m very much down to talk to anyone and be anyone’s friend. I like breaking down the boundary of… I just want everyone to see me as like a normal person and see me as that one crazy girl who was in your choir class who so happened to make it.


Okay Catie, last question and it’s the hardest one. If you were an animal, what animal would you be?

Sloth! I just think they’re always vibing. They always look like they’re smiling and they’re really slow. All they do is sleep. They’re kind of like the most useless animal because they just hang around and walk really slow, but I admire that about them. Even if everyone’s like, “hurry up,” I’m taking my time. Slow and steady wins the race. I know they were talking about a turtle, but that also can apply to sloths. Um, and the fact that they only come down once a week to go to the bathroom!



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  • Photography Jimmy Fontaine