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City Guide: Wardell


Jul 10, 2015

If you’ve caught their sing-along tracks like “Opossum” or “Call It What You Want,” then you already know that brother-sister duo Wardell have near-perfect the formula for happy-go-lucky summertime tunes. But while Sasha and Theo Spielberg are proving themselves as one of the coolest family bands around (hey guys, adopt us?), they somehow manage to do it all while residing on opposite coasts.

Sasha is holding it down in Los Angeles, while Theo is doing his own thing in New York City. Obviously, it’s impossible to play favorites on which coast is truly the best — so we recruited the siblings to make us city guides for each of their respective homes. Check out their must-hit spots in NYC and LA below for some instant summertime adventure inspiration. And, if you need a soundtrack while you walk, these guys have you covered with their brand-new video for “Funny Thing.” What more could you ask for?!

Mulberry Street b/w Prince and Spring:
There’s so many good restaurants on this short stretch of street. Rubirosa might be my favorite (get the vodka pizza) but theres also Balaboosta and Parm, and Taim is pretty incredible falafel if you’re in more of a rush.
Quality Mending Co. is right around the corner from all those restaurants. It’s one of my favorite vintage stores: small with a great selection of stuff and not too expensive. For more curated but more expensive stuff, go up to Stock Vintage.

Black Market is probably my favorite burger in New York. It’s a classic straight-ahead burger, but it’s the best. Also great for oysters and cocktails.

Elvis Guesthousewhich is an underground bar down the street from Black Market. It used to be called Arrow Bar but they redid the place and gave it a new name. It’s tiny but sometimes they have bands play in there. Last time I was there Leon Bridges showed up.

Rough Trade is a great new(ish) venue in New York. It’s a record store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, with a great room in the back for shows.

WXOU Radio Bar is an unassuming little spot in the West Village with one of my favorite jukeboxes in the city.

Sushi Wa on La Cienega is great. The sea bream is consistently good, along with the popcorn lobster.

For shopping, there’s Squaresville on Vermont, and The Painted Bird on Santa Monica, both in Los Feliz/Silverlake. It’s wonderfully curated vintage, and I always walk out with something special.

Soop Sok Karaoke for karaoke. I would do the private room. I never liked karaoke until this place, so if it can change a musician’s opinion on karaoke, then it can change yours. Also, I maybe accidentally took a Soop Sok lighter from there. So I feel like I have to do a shoutout.

Angel City Bookstore and Gallery is by the beach and they have a great record and old book collection.

I collect perfumes and ScentBar carries niche brands. Everyone there is very helpful as well and can help figure out a perfect scent for you. It’s almost like a museum.

Rite Aid, because they have Nyquil and shampoo and cereal. You guys should go!