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COIN releases Indigo Violet EP


Oct 22, 2020

The Nashville-based alt-pop band known as COIN announced earlier this month the release of a three-part EP series entitled Rainbow MixTape. Conceptualized as a way to thematically and aesthetically separate songs based on mood, the band made its first release of the project in “You Are the Traffic”. The song not only represents the first song to be announced from the trilogy but was also the first solo track and video announced since the band gifted fans their third studio album “Dreamland” back in January.


“You Are the Traffic”, written by Ryan Winnen, Joseph Memmel and Chase Lawrence, keep the band’s signature euphoric aesthetic alive as they introduce the first EP of the trilogy Indigo Violet. The band’s lead vocalist Chase took to Instagram to explain the thought process leading up to the song’s fruition. Caught in a sudden realization of his own awareness within the fabric society, Chase penned,” Our lives are not predictable films with stars, co-stars, heroes, and villains. We have to stop seeing ourselves as characters passing through each other’s stories or obstacles in each other’s way. We are pixels in the same picture. You & I are the problem, the answer, traffic, disaster, the sunrise & the sunset. If it happens to one of us, it happens to all of us. There’s no me without you”.


In the same breath that we used to take in the last notes of this song, we exhale with the melancholy adage of never meeting your heroes painted over the first fraction of a second of the EPs third track, “Make It Stop”. Seamlessly following the theme of the prior track, “Make It Stop” moves as if time in all of its beautiful irony, stands still for the band to figure it all out.


Typically reserved for the opening track, the band closes out the EP with its most buoyant moment “I Feel Alive?”. Presented in a rhetorical question, the track makes for the band’s final observation of the world around them. Seemingly a song about acceptance, the song illuminates in the first verse “Everybody’s got something we don’t do // And of course it comes at the worst time// And of course it comes on a bad night // But everybody hurts like me and you”.


Having come a long way since 2016’s Talk Too Much, this era of COIN seems to be one of their most important. See our previous interview with the band here, and be sure to stream Indigo Violet below.



1.Sort it Out
2.You Are the Traffic
3.Make It Stop
4.I Feel Alive?