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COTTA Is Back With Intimate Debut EP ‘baby steps’


Mar 8, 2022

Described as “the lovechild of the late 1980s and Maggie Rogers”, COTTA managed to build a considerable fanbase throughout 2021, sharing a series of impressive indie-pop gems that took the Australian music scene by storm. Now, the independent composer has returned with her biggest project to date, unveiling her debut EP, ‘baby steps.’

Spanning over four intimate and emotional songs, ‘baby steps’ perfectly displays COTTA’s artistic sensibilities and lyrical honesty, as she sings about love, loss and life as she knows it. “Trying” does an amazing job at slowly introducing listeners into COTTA’s vibrant world as it builds up over its 4 minutes of runtime, while “Only the Good Die Young“ is an incredible ballad that pulls your heartstrings effortlessly. The guitar-driven “Opposite” continues the story with its stunning guitar chords, and “On God” nicely rounds off the tracklist with its warm piano and COTTA’s nostalgic vocal performance.