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Aug 27, 2020

The Australian indie-dance trio known as Crooked Colours is here with another 2020 release – Love Language. The single is everything you’d expect from the guys between the ease of cymbals and the all too real self-reflecting lyrics. Lines like “You’re the same kind of broken as me / all the damage unseen fractured underneath” prove to their fans that they have the ability to evoke emotion at the drop of a hat.

“This song is about the different ways in which we communicate our love for each other,” says Phil [vocals, guitar, production]. “How special it is to find someone that speaks the same love language as you. It’s a celebration of the uniqueness of relationships.”

Leon Debaughn [keys, production] added, “Phil had written the lyrics when he was living in L.A. at the end of last year, we slowly worked on the music from there. I think it’s important to release a song like this right now. There’s a lot of hate and shit going on the world. There should be some more love.”

They certainly know how to speak our love language and it’s good music. Having spent the majority of their time in Fremantle, Western Australia, the group is focused on creating and releasing new music and “Love Language” is only the first of many.


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