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Effayé Shares Infectious New Dancehall Single “Tequila”


Nov 14, 2021

Releasing music since 2013, and having dabbled in a number of genres since then – from “dreamy soul” to uptempo pop and rap, Effayé has established herself as one of the most exciting artists Sweden has to offer. Growing up listening to the likes of Shakira, Britney Spears, and many more female artists made a huge impact on Effayé, who prides herself in embracing her feminine energy and strength.

Following collaborations with renowned artist Lazee and composer JEGELA, Effayé has now just unveiled her third single of the year, stepping into dancehall territory with “Tequila.” Arguably one of her most infectious tunes to date, “Tequila”is driven by a groovy and bass-heavy instrumental that perfectly compliments Effayé’s energetic vocal lines. As she explains:

“‘Tequila’ is a song about sensuality. Knowing what you like and going for it. Giving in to cravings; because simply, why not. Being honest. Being open to energies. Touch. Electricity. Magnetism. Seize life – Go with the flow. Viva La Vida, with a touch of tequila.”