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Did Elliphant Just Drop The Song Of The Summer?


May 11, 2015

Tracks that qualify as “song of the summer” status might span various genres and even generations, but even the farthest-flung summer jams all share a few key characteristics. Most importantly? They’re ridiculously catchy, but not in an obvious way. Rather than becoming instant hits, the best songs of summer historically have a slow growth, gradually worming their way into your eardrums until you just can’t shake them out – and you’re not mad about it.

And although 2014’s ultimate summer anthem “Fancy” might still be going strong, it’s time to see which artist is ready to steal the throne from Iggy Azalea and Charli XCX. As of today, Elliphant may already be a serious contender.

The Swedish songbird has been swirling in the music scene for a few years now, thanks to hits like 2012’s thumping release “Down On Life”  or last year’s collab with MO, “One More.” Whether it’s in her PG-13 lyrics, her addictive island-meets-hip-hop beats, or her killer stage presence, this is a girl who’s unafraid to get in your face. The same holds true for Elliphant’s latest release, “Love Me Badder.”

Except this time, all of the singer’s signatures are magnified: think high-flying hooks and a vibe so beachy, you can practically feel the sand between your toes. The best part is, the single keeps getting better each time you listen. Hear for yourself below, then keep checking back for more of POPULAR’s song of the summer MVPs all season long. After all, it’s only getting started…

Buy “Love Me Badder” starting tomorrow.