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Emily Hackett Premieres ‘Can’t Help Myself’


Oct 7, 2020

True Americana singer Emily Hackett is premiering the music video for her newest single ‘Can’t Help Myself’ today.

Emily stands out among her peers with her fine-tuned storytelling, and her ability to move you with every word, every beat, every melody, and every powerful hook. The song is about bettering yourself but being unable to grasp it’s actually on the other side due to its right in front of you. Emily chalks up the first half of the song in a gritty angsty-ridden spirit but soon finds herself in a mellowed out chorus among truth.

“This song stood out among the rest of the EP because of the attitude it carried.”, Emily explained. Continuing, she stated, “It’s a song about trying to be a better version of yourself but still dealing with your same bullshit. So yeah, it’s a little angsty. We all get most frustrated with ourselves because we know best when we’re falling for the same little voice in our head. The ego is a finicky little guy. I wanted the video to match that manic conversation you have in your head where your anxiety meets the self-help books you’ve been reading. The juxtaposition of the urban setting and the farm are intended to portray that as well.”

The song is also made in collaboration with Hardcastle, fast rising underground Nashville band. The collaboration brings a new perspective to the song as the lead singer Graham Laderman previously stated, “We enjoyed helping bring Emily’s vision to life. Working in this atmosphere brought a new perspective to working together in the studio as well.”

The single is just icing to her upcoming EP as it follows her 2018 release of ‘By The Sun’ and it’s counterpart, 2019’s By The Moon, music that landed her as one of CMT’s Next Women of Country in 2019.


Keep up with Emily on Instagram and be sure to catch her most popular tracks on Spotify below.



  • Photographer Daniel Dmitri
  • Footage Daniel Dmitri
  • Editing Amber Robb