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Emily Vu “Lost &” Review


Sep 18, 2020

Multi-instrumentalist and up-and-coming pop artist, Emily Vu, has now released her debut EP and project: Lost &, which features a collection of new tracks as well as recently released fan-favorites. Lost & follows the release of her popular single, “Just Wait,” as well as its accompanying music video which was shared with fans back in July of this year. 

This newly released project features original tracks by Emily Vu which captivates her genuine nature and authenticity. And for her biggest fans, the “Weekend” singer is now also selling official merchandise for the first time since releasing her own original music. 

Lost & continues to prove the fact that Emily Vu is strikingly relatable and a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. Her passion for intricate musical production and ability to be vulnerable through her lyrics sets her apart from many other up-and-coming artists releasing new music currently. Instead of mimicking what other mainstream artists are creating, Vu is focused on her own craft and staying true to herself in a competitive space.

The EP includes six tracks in total. Previously released singles “Drifting” and “Just Wait” kick off the project while new songs “Someone Else” and “Last Fall” are also featured, giving listeners a taste of unreleased tracks. The other two singles presented on Lost & are Vu’s highly successful single “What Happened, Happened” as well as “Weekend.” 

Emily opened up about the EP and said: “This EP means the entire world to me considering it’s my first ever project. The EP consists of songs that I experienced when I was still trying to find myself which is why I feel like it speaks a lot about the person I used to be compared to now. I called it LOST & because this will be my first EP, as the second one will be coming later in the year and is called FOUND.”

Through each song presented on this project, listeners are able to understand Emily Vu’s experiences and perspectives on certain experiences and subjects such as love, finding yourself, and getting your heartbroken. “Just Wait,” for example, explores the vulnerability and emotions that come with falling in love. In fact, the music video for that track previously revealed Vu’s sexuality in the most subtle and beautiful way. “Just Wait” reminds listeners that love doesn’t always need to be labeled. Similarly, its lyrics explore the concept that sometimes it’s ok to explore a relationship without defining it too quickly. 

On the track “Weekend,” Vu seems to revisit feelings of heartbreak and the difficulties that come with falling in love. And most specifically, the pain we must endure when it goes wrong. Through her lyrics, she reveals that she caught feelings for someone who seemingly wasn’t ready to commit and by the time the weekend rolled around, they were gone. Potential future trust issues and shielding herself from heartbreak again are indirectly portrayed through the overarching message of this track. It’s the classic and unfortunate story of having a crush and then being crushed by that same person after feelings have already developed. 

Lost & provides relatable content and impressive instrumental production for both new and established fans of Emily Vu. This project captures the ups and downs of romance in an authentic and unique way. Through vulnerable lyrics and stunning vocals, listeners have the ability to get to know the “Just Wait” singer on a deeper level than ever before. The collection of tracks, as well as their thought-out order, shared on Lost & tells a story that many will connect with and very few will forget.


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