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Emily Wolfe Finally Unveils Impressive New Album “Outlier”


Jul 4, 2021

Blending together elements from modern pop and classic rock-and-roll to craft her very own, distinct sound, Emily Wolfe without a doubt is breaking the mold, mining equal inspiration from the likes of Ariana Grande and Judas Priest. Her debut, self-titled album was released independently back in 2019, including some of her most successful songs to date, such as “Atta Blues” and “Holy Roller,” while she has now just unveiled her second album, coming to Crows Feet Records with Outlier.

The massively anticipated album was teased earlier this year with its first single “Something Better,” that brings together live drums, exciting bass and synth chords for an anthemic radio hit. Boasting a grittier sound, the second single “No Man” truly gave fans a taste of Outlier’s sonic versatility, filled with explosive guitar solos and slightly distorted vocals. These two singles did an amazing job of teasing Outlier, which is out now in its entirety, and arguably marks Emily Wolfe’s most impressive work of art to date. As she explains on her Spotify bio:

“Outlier is officially out! I’m over the moon excited to share these songs, produced by Michael Shuman, mixed by Cian Riodan, mastered by Chris Gehringer, and recorded by Michael Harris with my dawgs Evan Nicholson and Clellan Hyatt. So grateful to have worked with these amazing dudes on my first label album with Crows Feet Records. Shoes put his heart and soul into this record just as much as I did. It was such an honor to work with him and learn lessons about music, the industry, and life in general. Pretty amazing that the whole thing was done at The Doctor’s Office, aka Shoes’ garage. I learned so much throughout the making of this record and couldn’t be more grateful. I hope this music means as much to you as it does to me. See y’all on the road!”

Even before announcing Outlier, Emily Wolfe has been doing some amazing things in the industry that other independent artists only dream of achieving. She has designed her own signature guitar with the help of the team at Epiphone/Gibson, coming in a classic black aged gloss and featuring her logo as well as a mother of pearl tree of life on the headstock. Marking the first time Epiphone has partnered with an emerging artist, this collaboration definitely made history, and cemented Emily Wolfe’s name as a truly exciting name to watch.