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Oct 26, 2015

Digital soul is something the music world is a little newer to than electropop, but newcomers VECTOR XING are making a case for it. Back in 2006, VECTOR XING’s Stevan Cablayan and multi-instrumentalist Cameron McLain met at Princeton and met in the middle when it came to their musical palette. Together, the duo makes “digital soul,” drawing comparisons to Kwabs and Nico Jaar. However, it’s really hard to compare them to anyone else at all. They’re music  On one EP, the duo seems to mix every kind of genre-they even venture into classical music territory, from the cinematic “Wild Child” to the longing “Dipped In Blue,” VECTOR XING’s tastes and talents are expansive.

Before their debut EP 44OHz comes out on 10/30, you can stream it below.