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Oct 16, 2020

Betcha have officially released their highly anticipated sophomore EP: Feels Like We’ve Been Here Before

Featuring previously released singles, including “Deja Vu” and “If That’s Alright,” the project consists of seven tracks. This EP follows the release of their debut EP, Falling, which was released back in 2019. 

Consisting of college best friends, it’s no surprise that Betcha creates music to make memories to and for every scenario. Ben Booth (lead guitar), Taylor Dubray (bass, keys), Chase Wofford (drums), and Charlie Greene (vocals, guitar) are a creative powerhouse together. 

“We feel like this record encapsulates every side of Betcha,” the band shares. “From the groovier pop/rock anthems to trippy psychedelic/stoned rock, we’ve been super intentional about making each song feel like us. It’s everything we’ve been working towards since our days jamming in college dorm rooms. ‘Feels Like We’ve Been Here Before’ is our first statement piece and sets the foundation for who Betcha is.”

Betcha have been capturing the attention of listeners with their unique alternative-rock sound and remarkably unique song concepts. It’s apparent that they have developed their sound and are on a confident path to success. And, of course, the band constantly reminds listeners that rock is alive and well.

Feels Like We’ve Been Here Before provides fans with three new tracks. This includes the group’s sensual and seductive new single “Pleasure” that fans have already been talking about extensively online. The single is paired with a new video that was filmed on the band’s road trip to Joshua Tree. “Pleasure” is addictively catchy and blends in the best elements of pop music effortlessly.

When it comes to genres, Betcha is the type of band that covers it all. Their alternative yet electronic sound screams rock n’ roll and punchy pop all at the same time. Several tracks on this new project are anthems perfect for road trips, spending time with friends, and driving aimlessly with nothing to do. 

The EP kicks off with fan-favorite “Deja Vu” and closes out with “Closer to the Sun.” With intricate production and relatable lyrics, this release is one that will undeniably reach thousands of listeners and rack in millions of streams. In fact, Betcha will easily become your new favorite band after just one full listen through of this EP. 

Captivating vocals, groovy bass lines, and classic drums will make you hit the replay button on tracks like “Pleasure.” Each of these seven tracks encompasses a different vibe but somehow each one still connects to the same overarching theme.

Feels Like We’ve Been Here Before defies the constructs of genres. Betcha is creating music that feels right and resonates with its audience. They’re not mimicking what listeners would typically hear on the radio or chasing mainstream success. That is what sets them apart from other acts. 


You can listen to Feels Like We’ve Been Here Before below!  Don’t forget to follow them all over social media: Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.


  • Photography Cory Dubray