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Festival Diary: Nova Heart


Jul 7, 2015

They might be emerging stars in China, but for Nova Heart, performing at Glastonbury last month was totally uncharted territory. The musical project of frontwoman Helen Feng, Bo Xuan (bass) and Shi Lu a.k.a. Atom (drums), this Beijing-based band already has amassed an international following for their cinematic psych-rock sound.

Songs like “Lackluster No.” showcase a haunting blend of electronic beats, ethereal-sounding melodies, and head-bobbing lyrics — the ingredients for the kind of track anyone can mindlessly obsess over. There’s plenty more where that came from on their self-titled debut album, which finally drops this fall. But first, get briefed on Nova Heart in their exclusive tour diary and photos here.

The best part of the festival:
Atom: I just got to see so many acts. It’s like, “I just discovered this band two days ago, and I get to see them.” It’s fun to be a band and a fan here.

The coolest discoveries:
Helen Feng: Glastonbury has layers, and all the stuff you discover by accident that makes it great. It’s really got an Alice in Wonderland vibe, and it’s really cool to be part of its surreality. There’s the stuff that everyone goes to, but it’s the stuff off the map that makes it fun. If we get a chance to play again, we want to develop a super weird show. . . go full Twin Peaks on Glasto! I can understand why people go every year for 20 years.

The takeaway:
Bo Xuan:Yeah, you just get the feeling that there’s mainstream stuff here, but the most interesting stuff is not commercial. It’s people teaching you how to cut wood, or watching a band from around the world. It’s just so much stuff you can’t wrap your brain around it. So diverse, yet so British.