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Jul 30, 2015

Although French pop outfit Yelle may be known for lead singer Julie Budet’s vibrant fashion choices and refusal to sing in English, the band attracted the likes of Dr. Luke to help produce their 2014 record Complètement Fou. While producers carry street cred in the U.S., in France, it’s all about the artists. However, Yelle couldn’t deny Dr. Luke’s resume—collaborations with Britney Spears, Nicki Minaj and (controversially) Ke$ha. They began talking in 2010, and eventually Dr. Luke signed them to his imprint Kemosabe Records, where the band released their latest record.

Now coming stateside for Full Moon Festival, the band will deliver rare performance following last year’s album release. With festival season underway, lead singer Budet dished about her status as a chic fashionista and the “summer camp” experience that comes with festival life.

You can experience Yelle and the Full Moon Festival vibes at the Brooklyn Mirage in Bushwick this Saturday August 1.

The best part of playing a festival:
It’s always a pleasure and a good experience to play in festival. It’s a real challenge to catch people who don’t know you. Summer festivals are often really nice, and there is a good vibe between bands. It feels like it’s summer camp!

Style evolution:
I think my style has evolved as I grew up as a women. I feel more confident now, I know myself better and I can tell if things fit me or not. This has been the biggest evolution for me. However, I still like wearing colors and crazy shapes!

Designer love:
I love Jean-Paul Lespagnard, Jacquemus, Jean-Charles de Castelbajac or Brian Lichtenberg. I love their work, but also admire them because we have real relationships that mean a lot to me. I feel like I’m sharing a story by wearing their creations.

Festival fashion:
I will probably wear something from Jacquemus’ collection [at Full Moon Festival]! I don’t have a particular fashion trend in my mind, but I like the fact that people are creative: they’re not shy!

Best festival lipstick:
I love the Rouge Allure n°14 from Chanel, and I’ve been wearing it for a long time on stage.

Favorite 2015 festival experience:
I saw The Weeknd at Coachella twice, and it was insane both times! I loved him!

Working with Dr. Luke:
It was an incredible experience. It was the first time we were opening the circle of composition and writing. It was a real collaboration with Dr Luke and producers from his team. We spent fews weeks in LA trying stuff out in the studio, exchanging ideas and ways of working.

What’s next for Yelle:
It’s way too early to talk about the next album since we just released the third one. I think we’re gonna take a break after the tour and start working on songs. I had the chance to play in a movie few years ago and I would love to do that again.


  • Photographed by Paley Fairman