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Aug 28, 2020

Jen Akerman, a.k.a. dark-pop performer Final Child, has released her first single from her upcoming album “Monster” ! The collection is home to twelve slick, moody tracks that evoke intense, passionate pop melodies together with 80’s guitar solos. 

For the haunting single “Dead Romance” she introduces the new direction with urban beats and catchy hooks. “With this album I’m presenting a darker and more vulnerable side of me, a side not everybody knows I have” she explains. “The last 6 months have been interesting and I’ve had no choice but to dive even deeper within myself and face issues from my past” 

The romantic visuals feature Akerman in dreamy settings, keeping us intrigued with her spooky persona and mysterious allure. 

Tell us about your new single ‘Dead Romance”.
Yea! I’m so excited to release music again! Dead Romance is the first single from my upcoming album “Monster” and even though it’s a bit different from the rest of the songs, it A introduces the album in a nice way.
Story wise, the song represents a time in my life when I didn’t care about the consequences of my actions or what tomorrow could bring. Looking back at it now though, I’ve realized that it was causing me more damage than I thought.

How is this new project “Monster” different from “Til Death Do Us Part”?
I’ve written a lot of music in the last year, pushed myself harder and brought in a couple of producers and mixers. Most of the songs I’ve still produced myself and I’ve definitely grown since my last release. I also feel like the sound is bigger and each track is a soundtrack to its own movie.

Where does the name Final Child come from?
I’m the youngest one in the family out of three sister, so technically the “final child” in the family!

What is one thing you’ve learned in quarantine?
Not to take ANYTHING for granted! I’m very blessed to live in California with a lot of outdoor space and besides not seeing my family, I’ve actually quite enjoyed it. It’s been nice to be in one place without any stress or travels interrupting my creative process. I’ve also been rather busy with music, not just with finishing the album but also writing songs for one of my sister’s new movie. Coming this fall..!


What do you want people to hear and take away from your writing/music?
I always try to come from a true place when I write and I don’t release anything unless it really makes me feel something. Sometimes a song can be catchy and it get stuck in your head, but sometimes you just want music that makes you feel! Where all you want to do is either dance, smile or cry. With or without lyrics. It’s all about the music.



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