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First Listen: Little Racer


Jun 4, 2015

Plenty of bands can make surf rock, sure, but few can churn out carefree, guitar-driven jams quite like Little Racer. These are the kind of tracks that make you want to ditch work, grab the nearest car, and speed off (preferably with the windows down) at 100 mph toward the nearest beach.

Whether it’s in eclectic beats and pop vibes in their breakout single Dancing or the confident swagger of “Vanessa,” the Little Racer sound is breezy, soaked in sunshine, and completely irresistible. Just a year after they the New York City trio dropped their debut EP Modern Accent, they’re back with a fresh new batch of material.  Fusing their trademark swelling choruses and head-bobbing guitar melodies, their latest EP Foreign Tongues is essentially summer, in six awesome songs. The EP drops next week on Paper Cup Records, but get a first listen here.


  • Little Racer, shot by Andrew Segreti