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Jul 26, 2016

DROWNERS mastered the art of melancholic, dark pop on its latest record ON DESIRE. If you hear a little bit of an early ’80s vibe, you’re not alone. One part Pulp and one part Echo and The Bunnymen, Drowners have used the era to nail down the sound of New York City from a UK perspective.

Since making music, lead singer Matt Hitt, has even landed an Yves Saint Laurent campaign. The band’s music is very fashion forward and hypnotic.

Listen to an acoustic track from the band below and learn a little more about the Englishmen.

Current favorite song? “End Of a Century” by Blur

Favorite designer? Patrik Ervell. He makes awesome stuff that I actually wear.

Best place to take a road trip? USA, New York to Los Angeles. I’ve done it about 5 times now.

Where will the band be in 5 years? A few albums deeper and a little cleverer I hope.

Favorite pieces of clothing? My leather jacket. I got it in Camden market about 10 years ago.

Inspiration for latest record, On Desire? Long discussions about the nature of relationships and reading lots of Pinter.