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Five Minutes With Maya Vik


Jun 10, 2016

Norwegian singer-songwriter Maya Vik has been making music for more than 15 years, but her 2015 single “Oslo Knows” put her on the map. While it’s been a minute since we’ve heard any music from the multi-talented artist, she’s been working behind the scenes collaborating with up and coming artists like D∆WN on new music. But Maya recently dropped a new track that sounds like electropop magic. Her work in music and fashion has always been something we at POPULAR TV have admired, so we spent five minutes with the Norwegian Grammy winner to find out what she’s been up to since her 2015 album release Beyond The Basics.

What’s your style inspiration right now? Who are your style icons?

I’ve always said that Prince (RIP) is one of my biggest style influencers, both in image and music. This might now at this time seem put on, but it’s true. Artists like him, Janet Jackson, David Bowie, Michael Jackson and Madonna, who have always pushed boundaries in fashion with their music. Their music and image doesn’t conflict—their image and style underlines the music, always, and fashion has followed them instead of the other way around.

But not to sound like I’m wearing only purple velour—I can find inspiration in a lot of things. On Instagram, there are so many cool, inspiring people with incredible styles. I’m not so good about following trends, but I try to keep track on what’s moving in the fashion world.

Tell me about your latest collaboration.

My last collaboration is a song called “1,2 Count,” and it’s a song I did together with Kossisko fka 100s. I really liked what he was doing on Ivry, and the retro feel to it was right up my alley. I was really happy to have him on this song. He did a great job on it! I think our common interest in the Minneapolis sound and nice hairdos made this all happen. I’ve also been writing with Dawn Richard (D∆WN) on her latest single “Not Above That.” She’s killing it at the moment.

Do you feel like it might be challenging to find the success you had at the start of your career since it’s been a minute since you’ve had new music come out? 

Music is moving so fast these days, which can be both positive and negative. The positive thing is that you can release more music more often, and the negative is that your music can disappear very fast unless you get a “hit.” It doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re doing something wrong or that it’s a bad song, it might just not suit the rest of the music scene at that time. I’m constantly making music, even though it’s been a while since I’ve had any releases. My music is evolving, and I’m taking time to explore different direction. Going from a 1984 Minneapolis-sounding first album on Château Faux-Coupe, which caught peoples attention, I think being that it was very strict to that era, while I was moving towards more electropop and R&B on Bummer Gun, and mixing it all up on “Beyond the Basics” with songs like “Going Insane” and “Fighter,” two very different sounding songs, but for me at least it’s important to explore these different directions. I’ve had a few struggles with my producers about this who were telling me to sound more current, but I feel more at home when I sound like something I’m familiar with. My heart is stuck in the 80s.

What do your upcoming releases look like?

I’m currently working on new songs, but I’m not sure if it’s gonna be an EP, album or just singles. There will be more new music very soon, I promise you that at least!

Hair tips? Your hair is amazing.

Eat your vegetables, and let the frizz live! Thank you.

Have you done modeling lately? 

I never really model as a model if you can say that. I do campaigns etc, but always with my name on it as an artist. I don’t want to mix fronting my music and fronting some random clothing line at the same time. I’m a musician, and all that comes along with this is always just another platform of getting my music out there.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

My grandma (who just recently passed, RIP) always told us to achieve success in business: enough talk and get to work.