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Jul 1, 2020


  • Photographer Connor Limbocker

The past five years in music began a rebirth of sound and genre, specifically in the realm of “genre-less” music. Those who are helping pioneer the concept like Joël, Easy Life, and Lil Nas X are known for defying the typical artist label to push through new bounds of creation. The concept applies the same for GARZI (previously known as Yung Garzi), a Miami native influenced by the scenes of Warped Tour and the Soundcloud rap scene who creates within the space of Alt-Rock, New Age Rock, and Modern Hip-Hop.


A product of his Warped Tour Heroes, GARZI is making waves with his new track “SICK OF ME” that is a co-write with Blink-182’s Travis Barker, Goldfinger’s John Feldmann, and features Travis on drums. The song carries that the same legendary attitude that genre is built from in an almost “anthemic” light. Even beyond a single track, the recently released EP ‘STUCK IN THE MIDDLE’ carries an authentic alternative sound being produced by Feldmann who was instrumental behind the projects of 5SOS, Blink-182, and Good Charlotte.


Contrasting the hard-changing tempo of ‘SICK OF ME’, another track from the artist ‘Finer Things’ gives way to the influence of the Soundcloud rap scene. Currently tracking at 1M+ streams on Spotify, the track is one example of the artist bending the genre and being more ‘808’ than alternative all while keeping a signature stress in his voice that alludes to his emo-punk roots. This concept stays with the artist through his entire catalog of work.


The artist is gaining headspace in the right direction of his career and boiling under the surface as a breakout artist. This interview will explore GARZI’s creative process, what inspired his new project, and what has yet to come.


1. You recently released your EP “STUCK IN THE MIDDLE”. What inspired this project?

A lot inspired this project. The death of a friend, the end of a relationship, and just where I was in life, I was feeling very stuck. That’s around the time I started working with John Feldmann and he really understood the direction I was headed and the vision I had in mind so naturally, everything was a very organic process from writing to recording, etc. 


2. You recently released the track ‘SICK OF ME’ with Travis Barker. How did that come about and what did you learn working with him? 

I was in the studio with John Feldmann working on the track, and the two are friends so he invited Travis over to vibe and the rest is history. Travis is a super cool and down to earth dude, I was beyond excited when I heard he had decided to drum for my project and couldn’t wait to hear the final. I would say I learned that no matter who you are or how far you’ve gotten, you gotta keep being inspired and wanting to make magic in order to do so which is why people like Travis and John are where they are in their careers after all this time. 


3. What is a collaboration that you want to happen (whether it’s with you or not)? 

Fever 333. [I’ve] been following Jason Butler since he was in Letlive and Fever is my favorite modern day band! I really love what they stand for as well, and the message that they’re trying to get across. 


4. What does your creative process look like, when do you feel the most creative? 

Early in the mornings after a backwood, I like to go into my email or texts and just listen to beats/instrumentals for a half hour to an hour, and then pick the one I liked best. After I load everything up into Logic [I] start freestyling for melodies and lyrics and once I’ve done enough, I put it together, fix whatever I want to change, and then get everything mixed. However, the recording process is different depending on where I am and who I am working with.


5. What do you want fans to take away from your music? What message are you trying to convey?

That life is full of ups and downs and it’s not easy but we’ll all get through it. I just want to make getting through it a little easier. I was once a lonely, lost kid in high school trying to figure it all out and very overwhelmed and the artists I looked up to were the ones that helped me through those tough times, and that’s what I want to be for others. 


6. You describe your sound as alternative 808s. Who were your musical inspirations for creating this sound?

A lot of bands I listened/listen to like Fall Out Boy, Dance Gavin Dance, PlayRadioPlay, and rappers like Lil Uzi etc. Both worlds. People have a hard time classifying new age music, especially in this field and I feel like that’s a general but accurate way of describing this sound. It’s alternative music with 808’s. 


7. Your most streamed song is “Demonstrate” with almost 6 million streams. How did it feel to see your song blow up like that? 

Just felt like things were paying off. It’s never a surprise because I work very hard and with a lot of passion and energy directed on these kinds of things, so when it finally happens, it just feels like all is well in the world! 


8. If you could describe your music in 3 words what would they be? 

New Age Rock.


9. Musically, what is a dream you have fulfilled? 

I’m super proud of STUCK IN THE MIDDLE and think it marks a special point in my life. Working with Travis was crazy too. 


10. What does popular mean to you? 

I don’t care about popularity, I thought I did but then I realized it doesn’t really mean anything or make me better. I think popularity can be very toxic. 


11. Can you tell us about any other upcoming projects in the works? 

I have some singles in mind as well as a new project in the works! Super excited to keep things going



Keep up with GARZI on Instagram, Twitter, and Soundcloud and check out the newly released EP ‘STUCK IN THE MIDDLE’ right now:




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