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German Band Rikas Share Exciting New Single & Visual “Stereo”


May 28, 2021

With infectious rhythms and a captivating story, German 4-piece band Rikas are undoubtedly here to leave their mark on the industry. Rikas got their start in 2016 in Stuttgart, steadily growing a loyal fanbase in Europe since then with singles such as “Prince Boomerang” and “Tortellini Tuesday,” that have amassed millions of streams across multiple streaming platforms. Their debut album Showtime came back in 2019 via Columbia Records, and they have played upwards of 200 shows to date, among them festivals such as Fusion Festiva or MS Dockville in Hamburg.

Their brand new single “Stereo” is arguably one of their strongest to date, and comes alongside a stunning and playful visual, following the band after a young woman shops around for a new band to take home, and decides to purchase them. It’s a playful visual story that nicely fits within the uplifting and adventurous sonics of the song, making up for an exciting result.

Coloured by intimate vocals and production that is rich in character, listeners’ ears are immediately drawn towards the catchy guitar lines and melodies that permeate the sound space. “Stereo” is everything a great indie-pop track should be, with an upbeat groove and explosive anthemic chorus. A smooth combination of indie-rock bedroom pop vibes, the single brings together the best of Rikas and is a perfect introduction to the artist’s sound and discography, for anyone wanting to give his work a listen for the first time. A bright pop-rock crossover fuelled by intelligent lyrics and tantalising energy, “Stereo” quickly transitions into an explosive, nostalgic showcase of Rikas’ songwriting skills and talent.